1969 Ford F250 Ranger 390 V8, C4 from North America


A Ford Lover's Dream--And A Fun Teenager Project!


This vehicle sat for about three years before we bought it to fix up.

-Front end loose and needs rebuilding.

-Shakes, creaks above 45 mph.

-Backfires while driving downhill.

-Auxiliary fuel tank leaks (2 fuel tanks)

-Power steering pump leaks.

-Exhaust system crapped out, no muffler.

-Cracked windshield, otherwise all other glass is good.

General Comments:

My friend and I are fixing up this rig along with an identical '69 Ranger.

This truck is a great candidate for restoration. It has a solid, virtually rust-free body, and all components.

Though its old, it will still haul quite a load of garbage in the bed.

It will still run at 75 or 80 mph on the highway.

The 390 sounds really good--it roars at that speed (partially due to the absence of the muffler!).

Original AM radio still works!

The maroon paint really turns eyes as well!

I cannot wait until we finish this truck up and drive her around town with the other '69 Ranger!

We just need to find out how to get rid of the backfiring.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2006

5th Nov 2006, 19:28

Backfiring could be a carburetor issue, or bad timing or possibly a burned exhaust valve. I'd say the first two things are most likely where you'll find a solution to your backfiring.