1977 Ford F250 Crew Cab 4.9 liter six from North America


All Purpose Truck


Door vent window latches inoperable on both front doors.

All four door latches gummy from lack of use. Needed to disassemble doors and repair; replaced one rear door latch.

Difficult to tune for emissions. Standards are very low for this truck, but I still struggle to pass every inspection period.

Front passenger door lower hinge door stop detent is broken off, so the door doesn't stay open.

General Comments:

This truck is a beast, but does everything I expect it to.

It is a backup family car when needed, thanks to the six-passenger crew cab seating.

It's a tow vehicle, albeit a slow one, thanks to the torque-y 300 cid (4.9 l) six and four-speed manual transmission.

The 3/4 ton suspension lets me haul firewood with no problem.

Ground clearance is great when the snow hits. Chain it up and it will go 80% of the places a 4x4 will go.

Problems include the slow warm-up on a wet morning (defroster works lousy for the first 15-20 minutes) and the turning radius is awful. The 300 six is a bit underpowered for this much truck, but I'm going to install aftermarket carb, intake, cam and headers to get this truck breathing, and it should pep it up quite a bit.

Otherwise, a good truck in a good versatile package.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2011