1984 Ford F250 351 windsor from North America


Wish they still made em like this


Nothing has gone wrong with it other than some stuff that the previous owner did... such as wiring. They have the wires all messed up. And it is extremely cold natured... it might be the huge edelbrock carb, though I'm not sure, but once you get it going it stays going. Also it doesn't have anti lock brakes.

General Comments:

As far as performance goes, this thing is a monster. The 351 Windsor is a powerhouse. It's had some things like a bigger cam shaft and heads put on and it will flat scream. The transmission is tough as nails too.

As far as handling goes, it's not the best I've ever had, but I think its poor handling may be due to the 33 inch mud tires and the height of the vehicle.

I haven't hauled or towed anything yet, but I'm sure it would have no problem with either of those.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2009

29th Jul 2012, 12:06

These are great trucks! Mine is a 1984 F250 with the "Explorer" package. Has a straight 6 cylinder motor in it, and a B&W t-18 4-speed trans. I love it! Never let me down, runs like a clock.

If a person can find one of these old girls in good shape, they are worth picking up!

1984 Ford F250 XLT Diesel 4WD 6.9L Navistar from North America


Good, affordable and STOUT!


Batteries sold were too small (2-450cca)

Replaced both batteries with 2-900+cca & starter. 3 years later I over-cranked & warped the plates replaced with 2-27s 1100ca. 4 years later I replaced them with 2-1000s. Replaced them Feb 05.

First starter went bad quickly. Next starter lasted 2 years so I went to a high torque, It lasted two years & was replaced under warranty. Next one lasted almost 4 years. Last one lasted about 5 years. Replaced with a reduction-drive unit from Autozone with lifetime warranty. Basic cost is about half. It is longer, lighter and just and just as powerful.

Replaced both locking hubs in 91 and replaced intermediate bearing and drive-shaft universals. The dealer sold it as having 145000 on it... He lied.

Replaced exhaust in 92 to a Banks complete N/A system. Made additional repairs to exhaust in 04.

Installed custom front seats and lift kit for rear seat in 92.

Engine block pitted through in 93 so I rebuilt the engine with a new block. Cam was worn so I replaced it as well and rebuilt all of the injection nozzles and had the injection pump calibrated. Had the injection pump repaired once about 5 years later and replaced fuel transfer pump once. No other engine work.

Glow plug cycler is unreliable, I keep a wire in the door to manually cycle for 7 seconds. I have also started it with either if too many glow plugs are burned out. I replace 2 or three of them each year.

Tires twice, shocks once. Front end work once. Front & rear brakes 3 times, but rear brakes are vulnerable to parking brake cable failure. Do the cables every time and make sure they are not kinked! Master cylinder twice and this year brake booster, master cylinder and vac pump.

Installed US Gear 1.25:1 two speed auxiliary trans between the 4spd and xfer case during engine rebuild. Best thing I ever did to this truck! Also added a dash tach from an 85. 4 speed trans and 3.55:1 axles were too tall for good towing capability. Now have 8 speeds and unit has been very reliable. Had to replace a control box this year (05).

Added Air-lift helper springs in 96? with twin gauge dash panel and compressor. Compressor has been unreliable, but bags work great.

Had tank selector valve fail in 94. Replaced valve and added an electric priming pump with switch under hood. Replaced water separator with a Raycor unit.

General Comments:

I use this truck for camping, towing, boating and off road. Truck weighs 7000 empty, 9500 with camper and will tow a 5000-7000 trailer well with the camper on-board. It is and extended cab and has one ton axles front and rear, 34 inch rubber, and tachs 2100 or 2600 at 60 MPH. It is a little light on power with a heavy load on the long hills over 60 MPH, but if you are running under 50 mph this truck will get the job done! It gets about 18 MPG empty and about 12 towing heavy.

I paid 6500 for it in 91. I bought it because of the engine, one ton axles and extended cab. It looked good, but it had been rode hard and put away wet. It was previously equipped with a fifth wheel hitch that had bowed in the bed and both front hubs were torn up. I put about 4000 in it in 93 but have rarely spent more than 600 a year on it since.

It is starting to show age poorly now and rusting under the fenders and all along the hood and some of the gauges don't work. It may be a bucket of rust, but it is paid for and as long as it runs I am going to drive it.

If I ever sell it I'll get one of those 345HP fords.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2005

24th Nov 2009, 05:18

I am looking at purchasing a used 1984 Ford F-250 Extended cab 4x4 6.9L diesel, and want to know any problems and how often these problems occur?

31st Dec 2009, 03:30

I have the same year and make and model truck as yours. I carry heavy loads like my camper. I love my truck.

Yeah, I have been dumping money in to it since I bought it, but for the most part it has been a great truck. It was an old farm truck, then a wood hauler, then it sat for 4 years, then I got her. She has been the most reliable truck I have ever had.

Yeah, I have had to do brake wiring and the glow plug relays are a joke, but hard wired glow plugs and a little either go along way with this pickup. I never get into places I can't get out with her. When everyone else can't get in or out of the crap, she crawls right through.

12th Jan 2010, 12:32

Need 2 find axle code info for gear ratio.. 1984 F250 w/6.9 IH.

Door jam says 73 and is a DANA... thank you for your help.

12th Mar 2010, 01:52

1984 F-250, axle code 73 is going to be a non-limited slip 3.54 gearing.

I have the same truck.

22nd Apr 2011, 13:22

I have a 1984 Ford F-250 4x4 with lockouts, and a 6.9 diesel.

I need to know my differential ratios, and the sticker code says G-3. I need to replace the front differential and have to know the ratio. I appreciate the help.

1984 Ford F250 Explorer 460ci from North America


Awesome 460 that is loud and pimping


Nothing has gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

The 460 delivers tons of power and torque. I put dual exhaust which is really loud. I like revving the motor and listening to the crackle of the pipes. I put big tires on it which is nice for going in mud. The 4-speed is really nice just because I like manual transmissions.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2004