1st Feb 2006, 14:23

I own a 1995 F-250 Powerstroke and I have never had any hard starting problems with it. I think that you have something else wrong than just glowplugs, and glowplug relays. The coldest I have ever tried to start my truck without being plugged in was -10 degrees. Yes way colder than recommended by Ford, the book for your truck says to plug it in under 20 degrees. Maybe you need to look into your fuel heater, it is located in the bottom of your fuel bowl. Also, here is a starting tip for you, if it is cold outside, light your glow plugs up more than once, just turn the key on until your "wait to start" light goes off, then turn it off and redo it, works quite well. My truck currently has 3 or 4 glowplugs working, and if I light the plugs up 3 times before cranking the engine, it will start at 10 degrees no problem.

10th Jan 2007, 08:23

I also own a 1997 f 250 with the power-stroke diesel love the truck, but hait the starting issues I have with it blows white smoke when trying to start and if its cold forget it. I don't know what to do about it guess I wll replace relay and glow plugs and go from there.

17th Jan 2007, 19:14

I also own a PSD, but I own a 95, my f350 has about 250000 miles on it now and has had the glow plugs and injectors done at 200k it starts just fine until you get to about -10 then it doesn't appreciate it quite so much. But generally if you plug it in I have never had a problem, also if you plug it in there usually isn't as much smoke. I live in MN and cold starting capabilities are definitely a must for living near the northern border.

27th Jan 2007, 09:38

My 97 is blowing the fuse that power the glow plugs. last year I replaced the glow plugs when it did the same thing. It didn't solve the problem, so after burning out several new fuses I got frustrated and touched a piece of wire from terminal to terminal. The first couple of times it sparked and then it stopped. I put in another fuse and it has worked fine for over a year. I tried doing the same thing now and this time it does not spark. I can hear a click on the engine and the wait to start light comes on, but the wire gets hot. Any ideas? good truck, but hard on fuel. 13 mpg loaded or empty.

15th Oct 2007, 23:01

Have a 1994 1/2 with a powerstroke one of the few firsts having cold start issues, but other than that and the clutch bushing basically having defective design (found a fix on ebay for 40.00) no problems 351,000 miles 2wd Manual getting 19mpg city/hwy in between driving. I love the truck got it for a steal have $2000 to work in until I get to book value so it will do fine.

6th Nov 2007, 20:52

I have a 1997 F250 PSD with 201165 miles (purchased new 12-2006). Very good repair record. One clutch plate at 100000, that is it until this week, first set of glow plugs since new.

I live in a northern state and have started it many time at -10 and down to -30 with out it plugged in. Just cycle 2-3 times and that is it.

11th Dec 2007, 17:24

I'm about to, but a 1996 F250 PSD truck is very clean and had glow plugs just replaced, along with water pump and a couple more things. It has 186,000 miles; should I worry about tranny problems?...its been taken car of very well.

12th Dec 2007, 20:51

At 186k miles tranny problems might be iffy. It all depends if the transmission has been rebuilt or not. If it hasn't it might be a headache and a hole in you're pocket down the road. The cost to rebuilt it can range from $1.5k-3k; depending on what you have done. Its always important to know if a vehicle had such work done beforehand.

7th Jan 2008, 19:40

It is good to hear opinions about the PSD. I own a 96 with 104,000 on it. I've owned it for 5 years and personally have known the original owner since the day he brought it home brand new. It is the best truck I've ever bought and I'm going to keep it for the next 20 years or so. No cold start issues as I live in southern Cal and it rarely sees below 55 degrees, so I wouldn't know if the glow plugs were shot or not.

15th Jan 2008, 19:38

To everyone that complains about the PSD: I would like you to find a gasoline engine that will work side by side with a PSD and live as long as they do. Yes, a gasoline engine may be cheaper to maintain until you have to replace or rebuild the engine. Just remember one thing; the PSD was built and designed to be an industrial engine, so it must be taken care of.

4th Feb 2008, 19:51

92 F350, 389,000 miles on it. Enough said.

8th Apr 2008, 19:01

I also run a 1996 f250 PSD, bought it with 81000 miles, vibration at 80 mph, now 222330 miles, vibrates at hi & low speeds, had driveshaft checked, very little problem, axle bearings new, otherwise great truck, trying to figure it out, any help?

4th Jun 2008, 07:43

Ques: How many gals. of diesel fuel does my diesel 250 ford truck contain and how many highway miles can I expect to get?

7th Dec 2009, 16:42

Just traded in old Bessy for a newer 04 6.0 turbo diesel 4x4. My 96 psd lasted 13 years and probably would have giving me longer service if I wanted to put the money in her. At the end she needed rotors and brakes, the tranny was surfing from 2nd. to 3rd. gear in cold weather? And the last thing was it would shut off for no reason, so I would throw it in neutral and hit the key again. Of course it would start and away we went. I know I'll miss her. Bought her brand new and had no expensive problems at all. By the way, she started rusting on the rear fenders. Don't be afraid to buy a used one if you do your own maintenance. You'll be fine.

23rd Mar 2010, 07:07

I picked up a 96 PSD from the original owner a few years back. He took good care of it. He told me the vacuum pump and the fuel pump goes every 100,000 miles or so, and they did around 250K. Looking forward to replacing them again at 350k if necessary. If that's all I need to do to keep it running, I'm fine with that. I have the Banks on this one and it gets around 18-20 light. 292K.

I like that truck so much I got a 97 PSD for my wife. Replaced glow plugs (7 of 8) and the relay, and she starts fine. This one has the factory turbo and it gets 15-17 mpg. 279k and quite a workhorse. Cold start problems went away when I plugged it in and cleaned the battery connections.

The way I look at it, the fewer people know about the PSD, the more will be around next time I need one. My mechanic said he went to the PSD seminar. Said they showed him where to put the oil and the fuel and that was it. I love these things.

6th Apr 2010, 21:05

I had my 96 F-250 since I drove it off the lot.

The cold starts have always been a problem with a older set of glow plugs. Got 185k on it, with the 2nd set of glow plugs. 1st set replaced at about 100k.

After the 1st was installed, lost the computer about 6 mouths later. Found out 96's have a different computer than the 95's down and the 97's up. The glow plugs cycle every time the truck is started. Whether the engine is 200 deg. or -40 deg. The last set of glow plugs I had installed by the Ford garage. They snapped one off in the head. Had to pull the head to repair. 4 months later when it starts up cold, it blows blackish white smoke for about 1/2 mile when the engine's cold. If I plug it in or it's warm, no smoke. Runs great when it's warm. Starts right up warm or cold. Think I'm losing the computer. Any ideas?

After one vacuum pump, 2 water pumps and a radiator, and one fuel pump, I'll still keep her. The 7.3's are so much better than the new Ford diesels.

20th Dec 2010, 17:31

Where is the glow plug relay?