2000 Ford F250 Super Duty 5.4L from North America


Bucket seats are too narrow. When I sit in the driver's seat my left thigh is hanging over the left side of the seat. This is very uncomfortable and unsafe. I am 5'11" tall and weigh 200 lbs so it's not like I'm oversized. Ford really blew it when they designed these seats. Otherwise the truck seems to be OK!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2001

22nd Mar 2005, 10:04

Actually, I found the F250 to have very comfortable seats. I am on the road often for 2 and 300 mile runs. We tow the 35ft.Camper also occasionally. The seats really felt firm and comfortable the whole way. My wife likes them too.

Our F250 is a SuperDuty Super Cab. I'm not sure if that's the same as in this first review. We like the whole cab and layout also. I am 5ft.11in and 195lbs.


17th Mar 2011, 23:47

2000 Ford F250 Super Duty 7.3 PowerStroke Lariat Crew Cab 4x4.

143,000 miles to date.

Bought used in November 2001, with 43,000 on it.

Water pump bearing leak repaired under warranty.

Rear pinion seal repaired under warranty.

CPS repaired under warranty.

Recall on master cylinder brake switch problem completed, fusible link wire connector installed.

Vacuum pump went out, replaced with original factory made part, about $97. Out of warranty.

Two new factory made "MAX" 1000 CCA batteries, out of warranty.

Replaced starter at 141,000; original was getting weak.

Changed the front and rear differential axle fluids, $50 each axle with synthetic oils and friction modifier additive.

I installed a chip, transmission shift kit, custom air box and oiled air filter, 3 gauge a-pillar pod with EGT, trans temp and boost gauges. Getting 23 mpg highway mileage, not bad for a 7,000lbs truck.

This has been a very dependable truck, oil changes cost around $45 doing it myself using the 10 dollar Ford FL-1995 filter, and I buy the 5 gallon buckets of 15w-40.

Changed many fuel filters, and always used the factory original brand.

Change the transmission fluid and filter myself, and always used the spec fluid and factory made filters.

Long life from the fuel injectors can be achieved by using the "drain the HPOP" tip found on the internet.

Tow, show and go, this truck should last a million miles like some I've heard tell of by a certain diesel repair shop in Atlanta; they had a shop truck go over 700,000 miles before a catastrophic engine failure.