1977 Ford F350 Custom 400 ci from North America


Fun truck


- Broken drive shaft

- Messed up crown and pinion in diff (when the drive shaft broke)

- Cracked exhaust manifold.

General Comments:

This truck is fun as hell, and does some sweet 360's.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007

1977 Ford F350 Ranger ZLT Camper Special 460 c.i.d. gasoline from North America


Big, tough truck proves versatile and fun


A/C charge.


Water pump.

Headlight switch.

Turn signal cancel.

General Comments:

This is one tough truck. Push on the go pedal and it _goes_. The 460 will tow anything with (or without) wheels, and the exhaust note is heavenly.

The handling is, of course, truck-like. It won't be winning any slalom competitions, but as trucks go, it isn't exceptionally bad.

Stopping power is more than adequate thanks to massive disc brakes in front, and equally massive drums in the rear.

It IS thirsty (13 MPG is probably as high as it gets), but dual factory tanks add convenience; a switch on the instrument panel controls an electronic solenoid to switch between tanks while on the move.

Fit and finish are all what you'd expect from a '70's truck: lots of metal held together with big bolts and welds.

Aside from my own doings (letting it sit for almost a year), it has been amazingly reliable in nearly all areas except for the carb, which has been trouble from day one.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2001

11th Nov 2002, 06:00

I agree. I replaced the Motorcraft 2bbl on the 400cu in my 82 F350 with a 600cfm Edlebrock and Intake. That not only greatly increased starting and running, but my mileage went from 9MPG to 12. Had I spent the extra money for the Automatic Choke I would have been better off.

Other than carb problems it was a solid runner.

10th Apr 2007, 18:16

I just purchased a 1977 F350 Camper Special in norhtern MI, so far she's great, aside from the MPG. Any suggestions on the sloppy steering, or is this a trade mark of the old Fords?

10th Nov 2012, 22:24

I bought my 1977 F-350 Camper Special in 2005. Drove to So. Cal over the ridge route and got 17 MPG at 60 mph only. I love my rattletrap bucket of bolts, as my dad refers to it. It is rock solid and dependable.

I also had carb problems, but my mechanic found a place that rebuilt the original one. I'm in process of completely fixing it up. I love my $1 special! Good times are ahead.