1985 Ford F350 XT 6.9L diesel from North America


Strongest, longest lasting truck for an excellent price


Vacuum pump failed at 240,000 miles.

Fuel lines cracked. Replaced them, but air still getting in somewhere.

Turbo sounds like it's gasping for air when I start it.

General Comments:

This truck is a beast! It has a non-wastegated Banks turbo, straight pipe exhaust (very loud) and a newer 5 speed transmission. I am not exaggerating that I can pass people on an uphill grade going 70mph hauling or towing a load. It rides like a sports car at highway speed, but is still geared low enough to rip a house off it's foundation, if I ever found it necessary to do so. The truck cost half the price of a cummins, but has all the same qualities. With the banks I have 250HP and 450lbs of torque, which is more than a same model year dodge cummins offers. It also has 250,000 miles on it and runs very strong and I consistently get 18 miles per gallon!

It's not such a good rig for riding around town with the family. It has the turning radius of a jumbo jet and fits in about 25% of parking spaces. It also has some rust spots that concern me. I would venture to say that the engine will outlast the body. All around, it's an excellent vehicle.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2008

6th Feb 2010, 08:22

I just got one of these trucks. It is an 85 F350 crew cab centurion model diesel Canadian truck :) Only the original owner didn't like the 6.9 it had, and it now has a 1990 7.3L in it, 4x4. It just smokes at idle?... and I got a 1986 F250 6.9 diesel 4x4 in a package deal for only 2000 O.o? It has 5 inch chrome stack out of the bed and a hypermax turbo setup on it. Needing very minor things... Would you say that is a pretty good deal?