1989 Ford F350 460 from North America


Disappointing and frustrating most of the time


In the 8k I've owned it:

1) Charging problem, bad wiring.

2) Ignition control module failure.

3) Overheating problem.

4) Water pump went out, went through the radiator.

5) Rear brakes lock up.

6) Steering issues.

7) Ignition switch intermittent.

8) Door locks quit working.

9) Signal lights don't turn off by themselves.

10) Fuel gauges quit working.

11) Have to engage the ignition switch twice before it will start. Turns over, but doesn't start until the 2nd turn of the switch.

12) 460 has no power.

General Comments:

The truck is sprung heavy and can handle heavy loads.

Very unreliable, and poor fuel economy, considering the lack of power for towing or hauling, given it is very low geared.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2011

1989 Ford F350 XLT Lariat dually 4 door 514 ci from North America


I love my truck


I have had to replace the master brake cylinder.

Clutch pedal bracket, which attaches to the clutch cylinder rod, broke.

Power window regulator passenger side died.

Fuel pump in the rear tank has not worked since I bought it.

General Comments:

Seeing how this truck has a 514 stroker motor, the German 5 sp. transmission and a 4:10 third member, I have decided to have the third member re geared to a 3:55, which was a choice from Ford when manufactured. 2200 rpm at 55 mph is not fun.

The truck has all the torque in the world, and anything that has gone wrong for me is just maintenance.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2010

1989 Ford F350 XLT Lariat 7.3L diesel from North America


Great truck!


The first fuel pump lasted a good amount of time. The second fuel pump was not correctly used on the truck.

While being towed to have the second fuel pump repaired, the transmission locked up because it was not put into neutral (the clutch was set).

The driver seat is worn, but what do you expect after all these years.

General Comments:

It's 13 years old and runs as good as new.

Carries a full load with little difficulty.

Perfect for the family man who needs a full ton truck.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2002