1992 Ford F350 costum 7.3L diesel from North America


Big power slow speed


Drive belt, transmission line,carrier bearing.

General Comments:

I have learned several things about the f350 dulie, BIG power, slow speed and dualie wheels are bad in snow.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

1992 Ford F350 XLT 7.3L turbo diesel from North America


Big, powerful, comfortable, king of the road


A creak in the right-front fender is all that has went wrong with this big rig... It is by far the best truck that I have ever driven.

General Comments:

This truck gives a really smooth ride, heavy loads or not... gives you 10,000 lbs. + towing with its big 7.3l diesel that is really great.. There is not a bad thing to say about this truck.. buy a Ford.. don't listen to all these fake Ford mottos they got around here... Ford - the best never rest!!

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Review Date: 18th June, 2001

28th Sep 2002, 21:24

Correct me If I'm wrong, but isn't the 92, the first model year that the 7.3 didn't have a turbo. I still have mine since I purchased It in 92 and I don't recall a model with a Turbo. I'm not too happy with the quality of materials used on the '92, I find metal used on my '95 is much better. The engine for eg. is rusting on the outside, but the Powerstrock is fine, same thing with the body. Regarding maintenance it could be better, but leaking gasket are expected on Ford's. On my experience with Ford's, I'll give it a 7 out of 10. There's room for Improvement.

What guy's like Ford, GM & Chrys. need, is some full size competition from Toyota, Nissan and then maybe Ford wouldn't ignore you 2 months after the warranty expired with only 20000miles and stuck with a 2000$ repair bill. I'm Sorry Warranty is OVER!

18th Jun 2003, 23:47

Consider your self corrected they first started the turbo in 94', which was good, but the turbo housing was still in need of sizing adjustment (turbo lag).Well of course some improvements are going to be made on a 95'.An older diesel is like a harley its gonna leak a little oil, just a little in other words it shouldn't be a noticeable difference in between oil changes.

9th Aug 2004, 01:52

True the 92 did not come out with the 7.3 l turbo, but there is an aftermarket kit by Hypermax that is installed on my 92 that does a great job.

13th Sep 2008, 20:37

Hang on a moment, my 92 and 93 both say turbo diesel right on the side?! Are you positive on this, I asked the dealership and they did the usual head scrathing and shoulder shrugging and went back to changing the turbo in my 92, I wore it out.

3rd Jan 2010, 03:18

FYI- The 1992 turbo was a dealer only installed option. The 1993 7.3L diesel was the first factory turbo option for the mighty Powerstroke. It is the rarest of the Ford diesel trucks because it was the only year the factory offered a fully mechanical turbo diesel. The '94 was the first year for the computer assisted diesel engine from Ford. Which means all Ford diesels before the 1994 model year could run once started without electricity! I drove over 200 miles once to get home from a camping trip with no electricity because the alternator went south! Truly a lifesaver when you don't want to get off the freeway in Los Angeles at night to ask for help!