2000 Ford F350 7.3 turbo diesel from North America


Most reliable truck ever built


Camshaft position sensor - 80000.

Transmission - 109000.

Ball joints - 170000.

General Comments:

This is definitely the best truck I have ever owned, and absolutely the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

My best friend who is the original owner signed this truck over to me as a gift after I had many problems with my 2004 6.0 diesel F350.

I have taken this truck to California and back to Jersey 6 times this year. I never question its reliability. Definitely the last good diesel Ford, and international made.

The transmission was blown when he signed it over to me. We replaced it with a used one with not even 30000 miles on it yet. Put 60000 miles on it in 11 months. Burns no oil between 6000 mile changes.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2008

2000 Ford F350 Lareit 7.3 diesel from North America


A lot of upkeep, but it's wort it


The brakes needed to be replaced at 23.000 miles and at 58,000. I also had the entire front end replace when they replace the brakes at 58,000 miles, all the bushing, tie rods, pitman arm have been replaced. I have had 3 front-end alignments since I have owned the truck. I also bought six new tires for my dully. The automatic transmission has started to have trouble; it does not want to shift correctly some times. It will stick in low gear while still in drive.

General Comments:

I still love to drive my truck. People just seem to look at Ford truck. They look the best. I guess I would buy another one, I might go with a F550 this time. This truck has done every thing I've wanted it to do. I tow a 35' travel trailer with four side out which means it heavy. Thanks for listening. Tom.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2005

2000 Ford F350 Lariat 7.6 litre turbo diesel from North America


Strong, reliable, good operating economy wrapped up in an appealing design


Replaced warped Rotors, front and rear.

Replaced upper and Lower ball joints, both sides.

Replaced tie-rod ends.

Replaced auto-locking hubs.

General Comments:

This vehicle is no sportster, but if you are looking for a big strong chassis coupled with loads of pulling power and excellent fuel economy for it's class, this vehicle is worth considering.

Most of the maintenance I have done has been acceptable given the type of conditions and loads the vehicle has had to endure. Lots of rough bush roads while carrying a 2,500 pound load, harsh winter climate operation.

The vehicle needs to be garage stored in the winter. Even with a block heater, trying to start it at -25C is a hit and miss proposition.

Fuel economy has been a real treat after enduring a gasoline F-250 for several years.Combined highway/city has been 21+ mpg empty. Don't believe the stories you hear about diesel performance not dropping under load. You can expect a 10-20% drop when you get over 1500 pounds in the box.

The four wheel drive system and power train have worked well, although the auto-lock hubs have grown a little finickey with age. I had heard horror stories about the transmissions on the diesels in general, including Chev , but my annual service has revealed no problems, and the transmission continues to perform well.

I would agree with other reviewers that the front end on the vehicle takes a beating and one can expect to require regular, and fairly expensive, maintenance there.

As well, I have found the rotors warp easily. I have replaced all of mine at 120,000km, and I expect I will have to have them done again at 200,000km. Be extra carefull when you are doing serious braking while under load.

This is the fourth pick-up I have owned, and it is the best by far. As well, I think it is probably the best looking truck in it's class.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2004

2000 Ford F350 Lariat, crew cab 7.3 diesel from North America


Great tow vehicle


Left upper and lower balls joints went out at 50,000.

Both left and right upper and lower ball joints went at 80,000.

Water pump went out at 89,00 miles. Truck was originally purchased 9-10-99, so the warranty started then.

It has cost me $500 a year, over and above general maintenance to keep this truck on the road. I didn't spend that much the entire 14 years I had my suburban.

General Comments:

Love the power and the looks of the truck.

Lots of interior room.

Just wish the problems were smaller.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2004