2001 Ford F350 7.3 turbo diesel from North America


Not Ford Quality!!!


Cam sensor fixed under warranty

Water Pump I fixed after talking to dealership said it was not under warranty, talked to them again about another problem, they said that the water pump was under warranty.

Accelerator pedal, fixed under warranty

Now it sits until I can get it to a repair shop, I was driving it down the road, and it down shifts when I hit 25 mph. If I put my foot into it, it will work and shift just fine, but when I take my foot off the accelerator, it down shifts what feels like 1st gear, no matter how fast I'm going.

Air filter system needs a lot of work. Should never left the factory with that system.

There seems to be a lot of recalls with this rig.

General Comments:

Great rig if you can get past all the problems. All my full size trucks have been fords. It started with a 1971 F250 2x4, 1976 F150 4x4, 1982 F250 2x4, 1989 F350 2x4 and the 2001 F350 Super Duty 4x4.

Interior is very comfortable, big and room for everything you need at a horse show and then some.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

31st Aug 2010, 23:20

I had to have the tranny rebuilt at $3500.00. The truck only had about 112,xxx miles on it. When it comes time to replace this truck, I will look at an older Ford (70s) or a Dodge (90s). I will never own a truck I use to tow with that has an automatic tranny.