1967 Ford Fairlane GTA 390 from North America


Maybe God will let me own another one before I die


Tore the transmission out 4 times.

General Comments:

I bought this 67 Fairlane GTA because it was the only car my insurance company classified as not high performance in 1967. Boy were they wrong.

290 horse power. Automatic transmission. Bucket seats. Power convertible top. Wide oval tires. 15.43 in the quarter mile. I won 15 trophies at the local strips that summer. I was never beat. Pure stock.

I drove my tire dealer crazy when he would take off the old Dunlop gold seals; they would be full of little round rubber balls. I wore out a set of back tires about every 7000 miles.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2009

1967 Ford Fairlane GTA 390 c.i. from North America


Brute Beast


I replaced to muffler system, tires, brakes, water pump, belts, and front brakes.

I also added an upgraded electronic ignition system.

General Comments:

I loved this car. I only got rid of it after a bad wind storm landed a large tree on top of it crushing it to its death. If your in the Fairlane market find the GTA model, its the most desireable model of the bunch. I had the 289 version once before owning this model and it was a slug compared to the Big Block GTA. Also, find one in good original shape if you can. So many people butcher these things!

The 390 motor is awesome. Gobs of torque and tire smoking performance. With a four speed and posi it's easy to get sideways. Depending on gearing too. The bench seats are like old materesses, the ride like a barge and the corning not much better than a Cadillacs, but the sheer sound of the 7 plus liter engine makes up for it's clumsiness. Mine came with an AM radio that worked for a while then just stopped. Just keep the windows down and you can make some music of your own. Don't expect anything over 12 mpg on the freeway. Maybe 8-10 around town. Gas hog!

I hear these cars are becoming quite collectable items, so the prices are on the rise. I also think that these are a good alternative to the ultra popular Mustang.

A true Detroit Muscle Car!

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

22nd Feb 2003, 20:48

Ah! The 67 Fairlane GTA. 335 HP and 427 ft lbs of torque. My first car. Paid $225 for it in 1977 (I was 17 and about to be a senior in high school). Body was in good shape except the right rear quarter panel (many pounds of bondo). Front seat's needed some care so my Mom made some nice blue jean seat covers for me. 8-10 mpg around town! That's better than what I got (7 mpg with my Holley 650! 11 highway!)

Went through two sets of rear tires in my first 6 months. Couldn't resist that awesome sound, all the smoke and leaving my personal signature on the pavement! That lasted until I spent the last of my lawn mowing money and had to get a job at BK just to keep gas in her.

I could go out any night in her and find a good drag race (what was I thinking!). I was pulled over by the police eleven times in the 3 years that I drove her (for some reason they always let me go without a ticket!). It was a great time and a great car to grow up in.

My friend Ricky and I rebuilt her in 1980. Pulled the 390, rebuilt it and reinstalled it in 2 days. Ricky lost his eyebrows to a carburetor backfire when we tried to restart her (Ha! they grew back). We managed to reassemble her without the rear main seal so we spent another day correcting that. After a week of running very rough we discovered that you were supposed to put the pistons back into the same cylinders that they came out of d:- (Another tear down and reinstall she then ran smooth as silk. You could place a glass of water on the chrome air cleaner while she was running and not see a ripple. Yep, good times.

I sold her in 1980 to my brother for 2 crappy motorcycles and $250. One day I would like to have another.

As an FYI, the A in GTA meant "Automatic". If you had a 4 speed it was the GT. Have a great day!