1989 Ford Fairlane NAII 3.9 MPFI I6 petrol 91 RON from Australia and New Zealand


It's indestructible on its one last strand of life


Brakes are spongy and fluid leaks (front calipers need replacing).

Power steering worn (massive fluid leak).

Fuel cap indicator stuck on (electrical fault).

Exterior rust (worn paint, clear coat worn off).

Degrading plastics and badly split dashboard.

Bonnet struts useless.

Reluctant to kick down under full throttle.

Transmission won't rev past 2500.

Head gasket badly blown (leaks huge amounts of coolant and burns oil terribly, also bad vacuum leak).

Aerial stuck in up position.

Boot key lock broken.

Trip computer back light broken.

Headlining sagging.

Loud physical knocking noise at idle (engine mount totally broken).

Hazard lights don't work.

Indicators only work when hazard lights are on

Noisy lifter (creating a miss).

General Comments:

The car is running on four cylinders, burns three litres of coolant for every five minutes of driving, refuses to kick down gears, and smells dreadful.

The vehicle's engine was totally rebuilt two years ago, transmission had certain parts replaced. Obviously it wasn't done very well.

The head gasket problem is common in these cars, the NAII still had engine defects.

The main reason I've put this up here is the fact that the car is ruined, but it still drives like a dream, won't overheat even when the coolant is out, and has plenty of power on four cylinders and ruined timing!!!

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Review Date: 30th July, 2009

7th Apr 2011, 04:00

Geez mate, yours definitely sounds like it's broken! But like with all Fords, especially with the Fairlanes, they can handle a fair bit of abuse and run rough (mine had no coolant in it for a week and never ran hot!) before they give up and finally die. Even then, they refuse to die! They are a real sturdy vehicle, but the parts can be expensive or hard to find (I could not find a lense for my L/H headlight, and had to buy a genuine one from the Ford dealership, which was not a cheap exercise), but other than that, they're pretty good.