1990 Ford Fairlane NA 4.0L Inline 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Parts are hard to find, but with work and patience these cars can be made into quite useful things


Power steering switch failed - makes parking a squealing nightmare. Rack needs replacing ($6-700 or so I'm told...).

Radio antenna motor blown.

Electric windows are slow - left rear goes down. And refuses to go up without assistance.

Cruise control switches need persuasion to work properly, if at all'

Transmission hunts, shunts, bumps and clunks, but usually goes in the desired direction.

Self-leveling rear suspension completely failed - soon to be solved with after market springs. Also a suspicious clunk from left rear suspension under braking, cause as yet unknown.

Boot lock broken - only way to open is via the cabin remote.

General Comments:

If mechanically sound this is a consummate cruising car. Acres of interior room and enough room in the boot to have a picnic.

Upgrading the stock radio/cassette stereo is a MUST. If you have a sub-woofer (or two) some acoustic matting/sound deadener is suggested as the large rear quarter panels tend to resonate. A lot.

Some wind noise from the top of the a-pillars, but I can't think of how to curb it.

A recent trip of 1500kms on just over two full tanks is not bad economy from the old girl.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2007

1990 Ford Fairlane 4.0Lt In-line Six Cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Great vehicle for P-Platers


Issues that I have encountered thus far:

* Engine ticks like a clock (I have been advised that this indicates the time for lash adjusters).

* The radiator had to be replaces at a cost of $560au.

* Airconditioning system had to be re-charged - $90

* Battery had to be replaced $120

* Rear power windows are very slow

* Trip Meter has lost its back-lighting.

General Comments:

As much as I love this car is time to bid farewell.

I have had this car for only under a year, but with it about to reach the 300,000km mark I believe it is time to say goodbye.

This car has gotten me through a lot - including two house moves (one in 40 degree heat with the A/C on for 800km), Numerous road trips with friends and pleanty of trips in and out of town. I would thoroughly recommend this vehicle to any P-Plater who wants a reliable and comfortable run-about/tourer. I think that to give this car 10/10 wouldn't be fair because it certainly doesn't reach that height... but it has well earned a 8.5/10 overall. I have decided to spoil myself and purchase a Lexus LS400...I am very excited, but will also be sad to say caio to my Fairlane.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2007

1990 Ford Fairlane NA II 3.9 MPFI from Australia and New Zealand


Smooth ride, Expensive Upkeep


Radiator hose blew when I first got it.

Front and Rear Discs needed to be machined at 10,000km.

Air-con belt died, fan belt died also.

Leak developed from the aerial to the foot-well.

Radiator fan jammed into radiator. Replaced fan.

Engine mount broke at 210,000km.

Boot lock moves when you turn the key, so the boot can end up permanently unlocked.

Almost every brake light has blown once.

Thermostat corroded badly and broke, replaced with newer plastic one.

Almost all the electric windows are dead, only one remains to work well (passenger side).

Power-steering rack cracked @ 230,000km.

Rear trailing arm bushes replaced @ 235,000km.

If you can get your hands on a second fairlane for parts, then do it, I did and you save a fortune and parts and such.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car to drive, I drive long distances frequently and find the cruise control very handy.

The seats are very comfortable and the amount of space for your feet is ridiculous.

After market sound system really improve the cruisability of this car.

Rear Fairlane spoiler fitted for that extra touch to compliment the exceedingly long boot.

Very cheap car to buy, this can be credited to because of the price of the parts are too high for a car of it's age. Unless you really like the car for what it is, then don't get it, buy a newer car with more reliable features.

Engine is relatively quiet at most speeds, starts to get a bit loud at shakey at 110km+.

Steering is nice and light, and you sometimes forget how long the car is.

Parking takes some getting used to and can be quite difficult to negotiate the car into a bay.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2006

1990 Ford Fairlane na series 2 3.9 multipoint from Australia and New Zealand


Good car most of problems due to big miles that I do simple wear and tear


Rear brake calipers seize and lock handbrake on. Got new reco ones.

Front discs warp due to solid alloy rims on the car.won't let heat out.

Timing chain cover leaks oil, replace with revised gasket.

Timing chain stretched for the last 40000 going like a slug sounds like a diesel new engine soon replace with EL motor.

Dizzy replaced after it had done 220000 rattled like a rattle.

Head gasket cracked using seal up for the last 3yrs works great.

New radiator when I got the vehicle due to people not pressure back flushing every year.

New water pump november 2003.

Rear main seal in the motor.

Bushes and seal in the back of gearbox.

Couple of idler pulleys.

Gearbox starting to thump into gear sometimes due for a new box.

Rear trailing arm bushes don't last that long I think its due to the length of the car the bushes do a lot of work in the rear end.

Power steer switch goes from time to time, new tie rod ends, radius rod bushes replaced, new aircon compressor and TX valve,

General Comments:

Cabin is very roomy.

Front seats could have been better.

Reasonable performance and economy.

Paint job not great.

Great boot, but my gas tank takes some of it.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2004

16th Mar 2011, 04:17

Hey champ. Just wondering how hard it was to put an El motor in to your Fairlane and did you have any trouble?