1999 Ford Fairlane AU Series 1 4.0 VCT from Australia and New Zealand


Beastly agricultural armchair... make sure it's well serviced! Or go for an low km later model


I bought it knowing there was some work to be done, having almost done 200,000km, and despite having no service records and 3 owners, it was very clean except for some patches of rust; one of the best cars I've owned.

Spent more on it than I would have liked... I ended up replacing:

Water pump, spark plugs, trans & diff, aerial, gas struts, exhaust manifold gasket, exhaust sensor, added a transmission cooler, alternator, battery, front struts and sway bar bushes, belts and pulleys, air con re-gas, new gas convertor.

Replaced keypad, door handle, handbrake adjustment, headlights have condensation.


Window is becoming unstuck from the guide.

About to do the rotors, hubs and pads ($500 in parts).

Now the timing seal rocker cover has mild oil leak and needs replacing (fairly big job). Will probably do the radiator and timing chain at the same time.

Front bushes making a little bit of noise.

Uni joints.

On top of regular servicing, so far... Has never let me down!

General Comments:

Big comfy cruiser.

Decent power.

Runs great on gas/petrol.

Huge boot and the VCT 6 goes like stink.

Decent stereo and leather interior.

FG XR6 rims fit fantastic.

Cons: Totally s%# resale value.

Expect to have lots of little things fall apart...

The parts are cheap, but there's heaps of them; ends up costing a bit.

Not sure how long the trans or diff will last... but will keep changing the fluids every 12 months. Air con is on its last legs. Power steering is starting to whine.

Next time, I would have bought a $8000-10000 car with low km, instead of buying one cheap for $3000 and spending $6000 on it in less than 2 years. I just don't have a lot of money!

I still love driving it; being a rear wheel drive, big heavy solid car with the gas tank, it soaks up freeway kilometers, IRS is smooth. Starts and goes every time, doesn't wheel spin, but goes hard when you want it.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2014