22nd Dec 2007, 20:17

I've hade a few muscle cars; Fords and Holdens, and in 2007 I purchased a NA 90 Fairlane.

I agree with all above, however the car is best suited for country long trip driving. It's a shame that Ford stop making the Fairlane. Because most cars now have good size areas in the front for tall people, but don't sit in the back unless you're 5 years old.

A friend of mine lives in the US and says that the Chrysler 300 (pimp daddy car) is crap, and to think that all these aussies are sucked in and buy one of these, when we make better cars than the US make these days. I have three kids; all very tall, over 6ft, and not even 16 yet, and the Fairlane takes them all with room to spare.

Have not had a problem with it yet (knock on wood) AC/Pwr Windows and 4 Sp auto.

And I would rather drive the NA before the other cars I own, which are BMW 525 and HQ GTS.

And of course how much did it cost - $520.00.

And I've done 20,000kms without a problem. And yes, the fuel economy is great for such a big car.

8th May 2010, 11:01

Mine is a 1988 NA Fairlane, I've owned it for 11 years, it has just clicked over 520,000 kms and still goes quite well, as it has been very well maintained. So far it has only needed 2 auto's and the air con re-gassed, apart from service items: Plugs, leads, oil, filters etc. Very happy with it, and will be sad to see it eventually go.

6th Apr 2011, 02:45

I have a friend who has a 1990 NA Fairlane, which I service for him. It was bought from the original owner, who bought it brand new. They are a lovely car, and are nice when you are doing long trips interstate, and I've found that their best fuel economy is at h/way speeds around 100 to 120kms/ph, and he has not had any mechanical issues that have been a major hassle. The only thing I've found, is that because the NA Fairlane is not a common car, that parts and panels are very hard to find, or they cost an arm and a leg.

3rd Apr 2012, 08:32

I just bought my 1990 NA from an old fellow.

This 78,000 km car feels like brand new. Only paid 2000. Wow, what a deal.

Came home on a 60 km run. The car over heated, buzzers and alarms going off all over the place. Pulled over right away, cooled down, put more coolant in it, temperature stayed down; no leaks, and no signs of engine damage.

The car is a bit sluggish off the mark. Wondering if it might need fuel injectors and a thermostat replacement? Also the fuel gauge is dropping to empty at times, and need to cut the engine and start it again for the needle to read properly.

Any suggestions?

25th May 2012, 06:27

Just traded an NA Ghia on my wife's old Magna, owned by a farmer. Said it bailed him up a couple of times going to town (20k's), and replaced distributor and O2 sensor, but no change, so bought my wife's car and gave me this.

First thing I noticed apart from the red soil dirt, is the gap between the radiator and condenser is full of grass. After removing said item and cleaning it (not easy), I also replaced the fuel pump as the car had 309k's on it, and a new dizzy had been put in to try and fix it; obviously to no avail. It was still running rough until I put some premium in it, and now it's almost normal.

I will replace the coil to match the dizzy, leads and plugs, so at least the items are new and hopefully cure its flat spot off the line. Cleaned the entire car, and it is now not bad; a nice ride.

14th Jun 2012, 00:43

Hi guys. Just want to ask you a question. My car is a NA Ford 1988 model, and is a 3 speed auto. I just want to change it to 4 speed, but someone told me I can't do it; if I want to change to a 4 speed auto, I have to change the computer box and dashboard wire loops. Is that true? Thanks.