1981 Ford Fairmont Futura Sounds like a jackhammer V6 from North America


This car is from the Amityville Horror!


There were many problems with this car:

1. The battery had to be replaced twice.

2. The alternator had to be replaced.

3. The starter had to be replaced.

4. The driver's side door didn't close correctly sometimes, and I had to have my son hold it closed while we drove.

5. The car often stalled for no apparent reason--my mechanic couldn't figure it out.

6. The transmission started to grind in reverse before I gave the car away.

7. I had to replace the brake pads and rotors, and they needed to be replaced right before I gave the car away.

8. The keyhole on the trunk fell out for no apparent reason.

9. The hood wouldn't stay up correctly, or you would be afraid of getting your head slammed in the engine when you worked on it.

10. All of the emblems on the car fell off, and it started to rust within a year after I bought it.

11. The seat belts stopped retracting, and eventually, they just broke off.

12. On the way to a job interview, the car just died--in front of a junkyard--turns out it was the alternator--again!

General Comments:

This car was the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I think that the car wasn't taken care of properly before I bought it, so some of the problems may have to do with that.

It ate oil.

The gas mileage was very bad--like 15 mpg on the highway.

The interior was terrible--the dash was cracked all over and was coming apart by the time I got rid of it, and the seats had basically no covering left on them before I got rid of it. the carpeting was ripped everywhere, and the headliner fell off.

When I bought my '94 Dodge Shadow, the dealer said he couldn't give me any trade in value on the car because it was in such bad shape.

This car was probably a nice car in it's time, but was probably not taken care of properly, and just fell apart.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2004

29th Dec 2004, 06:08

You stated that you owned Dodge automobiles before and after this car. You did not state if you had problems with your omni, but I am assuming that if you went back to DODGE you must have been pretty satisfied with that brand. Once you find something that works, stay with it. I personally do not prefer Fords, but I know some diehard Ford fans who swear by them. They also swear that the Fairmont was also one of the cheapest cars Ford made in the late70's and early 80's. Everyone I know who had a Fairmont was completely dissatisfied with them. They were noted for early rusting problems and engine problems. Hope you are happier with Dodge.

13th Oct 2005, 17:58

I disagree strongly, You must have gotten a lemon; both of my Fairmonts have been extremly reliable (one had 310,000 miles on it) and solid, completely rust free.

You can't beat a straight 6 for long lasting reliability.

10th Mar 2008, 13:20

Yuck, I think I would try my hardest to avoid these cars. These are sinfully ugly and there are much better cars available at these bottom-line prices. You can almost always find some old Honda or something that someone is giving away and it will at least run for a while! The reason Ford/GM/Chrysler have had troubles is because they sold crap like this and it left a bad taste with everyone.

The new products from these manufacturers are very good however. I hope they will continue to move in their current directions and that the buying public will respond favorably. Ford is finally building appealing cars like the Fusion and GM is trying the hardest with the excellent new Malibu, Caddy CTS, and upcoming Pontiac G8.

25th Oct 2009, 11:26

No, the Fairmont is more appealing - to me anyway - than anything built nowadays. However, it was obviously much less appealing than a 'real' American car - full size, V8, etc. Still, better than the nothing front wheel drive eggs sold today.

1981 Ford Fairmont xd 4.1 alloy head from Australia and New Zealand


$200 brown hornet


Rear passenger door does not open from inside or outside.

Front passenger door only opens from inside.

There is a flat spot in the motor witch is really bad when the car is cold.

General Comments:

The paint is in very poor condition.

Does not handle well sliding round corners in the wet.

The car is pretty quick for its age it beats my mates manual XD Ute.

I like the large fuel tank it means less trips to the servo.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2003

1981 Ford Fairmont 200ci in-line 6 cylinder. from North America


Best $250 I ever spent


Nothing short of routine oil changes and brake replacement.

General Comments:

Worst looking car I've ever had. Lots of rust, and had previously been wrecked. However, it ran perfectly, even the air conditioning worked.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2002

27th Nov 2004, 01:17

I am 16 years old and have the same car. It takes me everywhere even through fields of mud I discoverd. It is the ugliest car ever, but the nicest runing engine I believe Ford has ever made.


7th Mar 2005, 13:34

My 16 year old son bought a 1981 Ford Fairmont for $300.00. and then later just gave it to me when my Chevy Van broke down. It has a good body with very little rust, though, there are a few places. The paint has faded and now the red is two toned. I would like to find someone to paint it. I did have to replace the fuel pump and a starter, and also the oil gasket seal. though I have put about $500.00 (That includes the towing fees) I think it was worth it. The old car runs great. Now my son wishes he hadn't given it up!

I once had a 1978 Ford Fairmont Futura when I was a kid and that car also ran great. Just wish I had some information on where I could get interior parts and other things to fix the one I have now up. If anyone has any ideas write me at ladyjane58@mchsi.com. Thanks. JJ.