20th Jun 2001, 16:52

I own a 1981 XD Falcon 351 C, but I can't stand the body, so I decided to rip all the panels off to turn it into the best looking 80's Falcon available, the XF.

Lower the hell out of it, throw some big rims in, with decent paint and you'll have a crowd pleaser. Thank Ford for the XF...

(PS... I hate VL's, every man and his dog has one).

30th Aug 2001, 05:25

I am a 15 year old who has just bought an XF Fairmont Ghia for a first car. After driving (much to my mum's dismay) this car, and weighing up the ups and downs of owning this car, I found that it couldn't be beat.

It has endless comfort accessories for a 16 year old car and the power to match.

I have some big plans in store for my blue beast. It'll be one hell of a mobile. XF - god's answer to an automobile.

Graeme Earnshaw

Benalla Vic

30th Aug 2001, 18:00

I drive a 1986 XF Fairmont Ghia, I'm happy with it, it costs very little to repair and it drives like a dream for a 16 year old car.

8th Oct 2002, 00:56

I am 16 years old and bought my XF Fairmont auto a few months ago. These cars make Holdens second class citizens! I have had to fix up a few problems caused by the previous owner neglecting it a little. I beat all of my mates Commodores, and it sounds great when its about to peak! I have since gotten tinting and a JVC cd player. Can't wait to bring this monster down from the clouds. I think they look great with Simmons B45 mags! It has done 340,000 K's so I'm expecting the worst to come soon. :- (But I don't care, I am going to fully restore this beauty and drop a 351 C in some day. Built FORD Tough!



30th Nov 2002, 03:56

How do you put / get a 5-speed box for a XF fairmont?

16th Jan 2003, 07:25

I have owned my '85 XF Fairmont Ghia (white) for nearly 5 years. I have wanted one ever since I first saw one as a teenager. It was in GREAT nick when I bought it. People have told me they think I am mad to keep such an old car since I can afford a much newer one. But the fact of the matter is that apart from the fact it is automatic (although the floorshift manual Ford boxes of the time weren't all that pleasant anyway), I can't think how you could improve upon it. It's as comfortable as you could ever possibly want, and the S Pack suspension means the handling is far better than any standard Falcon.

Being an '85 model, it will run on LRP, ULP, or Premium, I have managed to get 680km out of the 80L tank, and off the line it will give anything on the road a run for it's money until it hits 2500rpm in first. I am going to keep this car through the years and keep restoring it when it needs it. I may own other cars, but this one is staying.

Tell your friends. These cars are classics.

20th Feb 2003, 18:34

I own an "87" XF Fairmont that I inherited from my grandparents which at first I was reluctant to take, given my mates constantly told me that a 19 year old shouldn't be seen cruising in one of those tanks. However, it has become the most reliable car I could have asked for. For a car that has travelled around Australia and done 302,000km it's engine is squeeky clean and the interior is second to none for a car it's age... Even the local cop approved when he pulled me over with a car full of mates, who by the way have slowly warmed to the idea of trying to pick up chics in the XF instead of their VL Turbo's!

4th Jun 2003, 09:28

An LPG unit fitted to my 1985 4.1 auto made this fine car an affordable (if not cheap) vehicle to be in regular use, city or highway.

I would recommend LPG without hesitation, as fuel economy was the main real complaint people would voice regarding this model.

Properly maintained, this model can give great value. (And this comes from a previously staunch Holden fan)

1st Sep 2003, 21:36

I just bought a 87 XF fairmont a few days ago. I havn't driven it much, but the little I have driven it, it drives like a dream! its the most comfortable car I've ever driven! I was thinking about getting an EA falcon, but when I drove this, I bought it straight away, nothing compares!

I have noticed a few problems with it lately though. the boot catch and gas cap solenoids don't work very well, but this might be a recurring problem with this model. there is a little rust on the boot near the back windscreen, but that is the only visible damage at all! it is in absolutely perfect condition! I was very surprised when the dealer said it was $1200!!

All up, a great, comfortable car that I have yet to fault. although it does use a bit of fuel!!


29th May 2005, 21:09

I'm looking for a Fairmont ghia on LPG.

I've recently seen one in a car yard, but it is not EFI.

I believe it's an 85 model. Can anyone here confirm that any 85 XF Fairmont Ghia's came out with just a carby 4.1?

I'm not sure if at some point in this car's life, someone has replaced the EFI engine with a carby one!!

6th Jun 2005, 02:06

They may have changed it to carby, considering the XF is a later model then my XE Fairmont, and my XE is EFI. I have never heard of a stock carby XF.

17th Jul 2005, 06:29

I loved my "87" Fairmont Ghia,I miss it!

23rd Apr 2007, 19:01

I have just bought a very tidy XF that is one of the straightest I have seen. The interior is mint & I have lowered it onto nice mags with 235's & mirror tints & put a louvre on. Unfortunately the engine is a bit tired so my dad & I are dropping the 1 in out of my old car, which is fully rebuilt with quite a few mods & sounds great with extractors into a straight pipe with coby. All the bushes etc have been nolathaned out. I can't wait till its finished. They are a staunch, reliable car & always get the looks.