16th Aug 2001, 19:48

I own a 95 EFII Fairmont and agree with the tyre problem. In the wet the car had to be driven with very careful use of the accelerator. I have had it at all sorts of angles going around roundabout's, and have fish tailed it innumerable times trying to get the power down fast when turning onto main roads in the wet. But OK in the dry.


I had the tyres replaced about at 100,000,km, same Good Year Eagles, but the car is now has very acceptable performance with the rear end - go figure. I thought maybe my tyres had decayed through age, but interesting to hear of someone with the same problem.

8th Feb 2002, 06:13

Gee, I wish you would all stop whinging!

Some people would pay big bucks to get their car to hang loose when they put the loud pedal on. My EF gets sideways in the wet all the time "I LOVE IT". It's the only time I get to have fun without wasting the rubber..

P.S Whack some Pirelli's on, they stick really well.

3rd Mar 2002, 13:11

How are the Michelin Tyres at the lower end.. compared to the Pirelli? I want to change the tyres of my Ford FairmontEF '95 and am not able to decide.. and also.. what is the widest tyre sizing I can put to my car on a 15" company alloy wheels? I am ready to spend about $150 per tyre.. what is the best I can get?

9th Jan 2003, 23:56

Hi there everyone.

I am a very proud owner of an EF Fairmont 1994 model, which is the first one that came out.

Yes, I don't agree with the spinning problem of the rear end of the car. I am a heavy footed guy, and the only way to get them spinning, is if you're like me with the foot always on the floor, and I tell you, I love spinning those wheels very much, and so does the car.

I bought the car last year, and I've had it for 6 months. In that time, the rubber that is on the car has been the Michelins, and I don't recommend them at all. They burn very easily, and don't handle around corners, but I have a friend who has an EF as well, and he has the Yokohama 509's in a 215/60r15 size, and they stick to the road like anything, and they're not that expensive either.

I would like to say that my car has 210,000 km on it right now. I've done 13000kms since I bought the car, and may I tell you, I haven't had any problems at all with it. I travel a lot, and I've gotten out of a tank of fuel 600kms, and it opens its wings and takes off on the freeway too. It loves the open roads and the city driving, and I have my car in power mode all the time. Don't believe that stuff about the economy, because I've used both, and I found them to be very much the same, so I leave it in power mode, and it's more fun.

I can say that my car is very strong, and it's a very healthy and powerful car, and I recommend an EF Fairmont to anyone.

P.S. And the best thing of it all, is that I paid $7000 for it, and at the time when I was looking for one, I was looking to spend $10000 or $12000 for one.

Anyone who has an EF Fairmont should be very happy with it, because I know I am. :-)

9th Sep 2004, 07:25

I own a 1995 EF Fairmont. Problems that I have come across include the head gasket leaking after 120000kms. Heater failing. Sliding in the wet depends more on the quality of the driver. I found by doing a drivers safety course in my EF that I can comfortably drift the car around a corner without spinning out. Flat spots in acceleration are my main disappointment with the car. I consider myself a bit of a lead foot and don't like other cars beating me at the drags. So a bit of inspiration went under the bonnet and I don't think any Integra will cause a threat. Most impressive is the amount of unrealized power the inline 6 can deliver. However I must say that an Integra should beat a stock EF down the quarter mile, its lighter and manual (My EF is auto). The good thing with this car is getting good performance is relatively cheap. The car reacts great to head and cam work. Also exhaust, chip and cold air intake will help it keep up with a stock WRX. Pretty good for a non-turbo family car.

12th Nov 2006, 03:48

I have had a 95 EFII Fairmont for about 10 months now, and although I can relate to poor grip in the wet, this thing really handles quite reasonably in the dry. It depends on how its driven. I've found the motor to have fantastic performance, much better off the line than the equivalent commodore. My main problems lie in the Automatic transmission, as it often leaks and can be a real pain in the A$%, However no other problems have occurred.

1st Jun 2007, 02:54

I own a 1995 Fairmont Wagon, and I am wondering about the problem with the flat spot in acceleration. Does anyone has any ideas on where the problems stem from, and how if possible they can be fixed? Because I have tried everything such as leads, plugs, throttle body clean, coil pack, and injectors. The only thing I haven't tried yet is the fuel pump. So if anybody has any ideas they would be appreciated, as it is becoming quite annoying.

2nd Sep 2007, 08:42

Umm...yes they did... i own one.

2nd Sep 2007, 17:03

Have you considered that maybe this particular Fairmont isn't from North America?

27th Jul 2008, 23:41

I have a 95 Fairmont Ghia with Pirelli p7's on em in 225 size and an LSD... and mine can still fish in the dry without even having the accelerator all the way down LOL. But besides that, it's a brilliant car; feels very firm and tight. I love it.

1st Feb 2009, 00:07

I have had 2 95 model Fords. My Futura, the first one I owned was extremely dicey on wet roads.. a set of Dunlop sport SP300E's fixed that. And the one I have now is a Fairmont with 17" alloys and 235/45 tyres and Monroe gt gas shocks, so it doesn't have any handling problems whatsoever... :)

People insist on buying cheap tyres for large cars, and this is where most accidents and general mishaps start. :) Buy quality and you'll receive quality. :)

18th Dec 2010, 02:05

Compare to you guys, I have had more problems with this Ford crap, and made it as full form of FORD - Force On the Damn Road. I had initially headlight problems, then brake fluid and coolant tank leaking problems. It costs so much to repair. Does any one have any solution to solve with cheap price? I will be thankful.

4th Apr 2011, 20:33

Yes don't ever get a Ford.

15th May 2012, 18:28

This car wasn't designed for dragging and racing around. It has a lot of torque, so it's good for towing; more for families that have a boat or caravan.

If you're looking for a standard race car for that budget, go for an Alfa, 300Z, turbos.