1984 Ford Falcon GL 250 Crossflow (4.1 Litre) from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap highway cruiser


Top radiator hose went a few weeks after I got the car.

Brake booster sprung a leak and was replaced.

Bent a push rod at 202,000 Km due to a hydraulic lifter collapsing.

Front guards are starting to rust out at the bottom.

Drivers side door lock broke a spring and needed replacing.

General Comments:

I am the third owner, when I bought the car it had a genuine 171,000 Km on the clock, which is very low for this model.

The lack of power steering makes it a pain to steer at low speeds, and parking is not something I look forward to. However once the car is moving it handles quite well, and you can feel plenty of feedback from the road.

I do around 80km of highway driving each day on my way to work and back. This car suits me well as it is cheap to run and sits well on the road at 100km/h.

The original headlights are not very bright. I replaced the original 60W/55W globes with some 100W/55W ones, but this made very little difference. I then added a pair of pencil beam driving lights and now I can see at night.

The car is on gas (LPG) so it is fairly cheap to run. I get between 400 and 450km out of a 70 liter tank.

The engine leaks some oil from the front and rear seals, but this is to be expected from a car of this age. It also uses some oil, but different brands affect consumption. Usually it is around a litrer for every 2,000km.

The standard instrumentation didn't have a tachometer, so I replaced it with an "S-Pack" cluster.

Performance from this car is nothing fantastic, mainly due to the low-revving nature of the engine, the 3 speed automatic transmission and the LPG fuel. The engine doesn't like being taken past 3000rpm, and takes a while to get up to speed. At 100km/h it is sitting at around 2,200rpm and goes along nicely, going up most hills with ease.

The styling is starting to look outdated, and the paint is fading as the car isn't garaged. The interior is bland yet practical, and the seats are very comfortable. It is like sitting in a couch.

Overall I like this car, it is perfect for the use I give it. These older Fords seem to go forever, most examples have 300,000km+ on the original motor, so mine has quite a few more years left in it yet. When things go wrong with it parts are cheap and very easy to obtain.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2003

9th May 2004, 18:55

Car has now done 215,000kms. Had to replace the camshaft 3,000kms ago, turns out this was the cause of the bent push-rod. All up the camshaft, new hydraulic lifters and new timing chain cost less than $300 and a day of my time to fit them, so I can't really complain.

10th Sep 2005, 19:52

238,000km on the clock now. Automatic transmission (BW35) packed it in, so $1,200 later it now has a new one (BW40). Also had starter motor and ring gear replaced whilst transmission was out. Rear main oil seal is still leaking; unfortunately my car has the older type of oil seal, which requires the oil sump and crankshaft to be removed to be replaced.

Apart from that, the car is going well. Being on gas @ 40 cents per liter is much better than $1.40 per liter for fuel! I wonder how many years of service I'm going to get out of the old girl...

21st Sep 2005, 05:54

I have a 1985 Xf falcon wagon with a 4.1 litre 3 speed auto she has 309 000 on the clock, but still runs sweet I've had it from 52 000. The only thing I had to replace was the cam shaft, but my dad did that being a mechanic and paid for it to. I find the Xf a good reliable car that has plenty of power and plenty to give.

1984 Ford Falcon S-pack 250 ci EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Good reliable car


Minor electrical problems.

Had to fit new exhaust down pipe at the off the engine header. Previous owner dodged up an older model to fit. It sounded like a tractor.

Put wrong fuel in by mistake and cooked a piston.

General Comments:

Although basic and a tad uncomfortable. The car was pretty reliable.

I was fairly impressed by the fact it was EFI, that is the only reason I bought it.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2003