2005 Ford Falcon BF XR6 4ltr straight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome motor car


Absolutely Nothing!!!

General Comments:

This is one awesome car!! Plenty of power out of the Barra 190 motor!

The car handles extremely well for a big rear wheel drive car with the traction control on! It doesn't inspire much confidence in corners, but it hasn't let me down yet as it just keeps on turning, especially with the traction contol on! Heaps of fun!

The only downside to the car is that the stereo sucks badly.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2006

2005 Ford Falcon MA MkII 4.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Would NOT buy another FORD


I've had the car for about a month. It is an ex-government fleet vehicle, fully serviced. The engine blew up (dropped a conrod that flew out the side of the sump) with < 26,000km. Still awaiting a response from Ford, as to whether they will honour the warranty.

General Comments:

The car in general is good - but the engine reliability...

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Review Date: 26th October, 2006

2nd Nov 2006, 01:15

Lucky the stupid conrod didn't go through the block. Then Ford would be giving you a new engine.

27th Jan 2007, 06:13

Hammer ford for that warranty. Just be stroppy and you will win. I think you will find in time that it is a good car. And you bought it the right way-making a huge saving by buying ex fleet..

22nd Feb 2007, 16:02

I agree, hammer Ford for that warranty. I have a BA Mk1 that chewed its camshaft at about ten thousand k's. Ford did honour their warranty, and I was very disappointed with the car at the time, was going to sell it and buy a Holden, and all that stuff. But I kept it and it is now approaching one hundred thousand. It has been totally trouble free and that camshaft issue is now just a distant memory. I'd buy another one. I hope things work out for you and you have a good run out of the car as I have.

27th Dec 2007, 14:25

The reason we the cars buyer seek a warranty is because things do go wrong.

Even NASA has the occasional failure.

The only way the manufacture can escape a warranty claim is if the owner has not held up his side of the bargain.


Was the car serviced correctly? Was the car being missed? Was the car modified? Was the claim a result of an accident? These are just a few. I imagine there are lots of things.

There is not a manufacturing business on the planet that does not experience a problem with their product from time to time.

I wonder how this original poster went with his claim???

6th Nov 2010, 13:13

I wonder too. I wonder how he drove it to get it to do that to the engine... It must be 1 in 100,000 Australian built Ford engines, I have never heard of such a thing before... taxis drive them for 1 million kilometers plus, when serviced. I suspect it was driver fault, or a disgruntled person who doesn't like Fords. I've noticed that a few times on the Internet.

2005 Ford Falcon MKII XT 4.0 straight six from Australia and New Zealand


Extremely good value for money as one year old used car


Just purchased the car a month ago and had it inspected by a couple of mechanics.

As far as we can see, front right hand side light it just slightly letting water in when washed with high-pressure hose. Will be fixed under warranty.

A foam insulation which sits between the front windshield and the dashboard seemed to be out of place a little, so I pushed it back into place.

Since I'm very picky with cars, I'll also mention a small deformation on door seal rubber (still does the job perfectly and can only be seen upon detailed inspection.

General Comments:

Purchased the car a month ago from a dealership. It's a June/2005 model. Had 25000 K's and 17 inch XR6 wheels when I bought it. Silver in colour. Absolutely spotless! Paid AU$18800 for it. Extremely good value for money considering that new one would cost over AU$35000.

Very comfortable car for 17 inch wheels. Handling also excellent. Plenty of power. I probably use only one tenth of the accelerator pedal travel. Fuel consumption is around 10.5 L/100Km (city driving - not much of really heavy inner city driving). I cannot understand how people complain about over 12 or 13 L/100Km consumption. They must drive their Falcons very hard or just forget to switch the engine off :-).

I wouldn't blame them if they do forget to switch it off, because it is so smooth and quiet, which is just amazing for an AUS built six cylinder car.

My VW Passat is noisier.

This car is definitely made for Australian conditions.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2006

7th Aug 2007, 21:24

My 4.0L EL Fairmont Sedan only gets around 14.2 - 14.6 Litres/100 K city driving and that's taking it easy. Obviously there have been big advancements in fuel consumption over the past few years! I would love to get my Fairmont down to 10.0L/100k, but that is near impossible for an E Series unless you are on a long trip. Over a 450km highway trip, the EL will get down to 9.6km/100k, but around town it is a very different story!

27th Dec 2007, 14:12

A few years ago I had a 1993 6-cylinder EB (5s manual) and was getting 10L/100.

I even managed a 750km stint - Newcastle to Brisbane.

My current BA gets 11.5L/100.Also 5s Manual.

Between them I had a BA Auto and it used about 12.5L/100.

Driving methods can make a big difference.