29th May 2009, 07:11

Yes Ford, offer us the Fairmont wagon.

6 speed auto, 6 cylinder, all electrics, leather seats, pump up air shockies all round.

29th Jul 2009, 18:39

I have a BF mk 2 xr6 turbo and have had nothing but trouble with the 6 speed auto. It thumps and clunks when coming up to an intersection and slowing down, and also when driving on the freeway and pressing the accelerator to pass someone. Very nasty. I have spoken to the Ford dealer on several occasions and they tell me it is the slack in the torque converter being taken up. It is a real pity as the car is quite good. Oh well looks like a direct injection 3.6 Commodore will be the next car.

15th Oct 2009, 16:32

The FG Falcon is without doubt the nicest Australian vehicles I have ever driven. The Holden Commodore has been playing catch-up with dynamics and performance since the FG release. The 6 cylinder in the Ford is truly amazing, and makes the 3.6 feel rather old. I am hoping that the SIDI direct injection from GMH makes the Commodore more livable and comparable.

14th May 2010, 01:18

Like the poster above, I too recently had an FG XR6 (non turbo) rental car... so one enjoys it like a rental car!

It was great fun. Though it's a huge car, it handles like a smaller one (at low and at high speeds). You could easily hang the tail out on corners, and yet control it quite nicely just on the throttle! Love rear wheel drive!!!

Great steering wheel, though the steering at low speed felt a bit odd at first.

Stereo is ordinary, and wish it didn't have the tacky looking blue paint circles on the instruments. Also didn't like the adjustment knob for AC temp and fan speed.

Love the blue lighting at night.

Overall a great car, and the first Australian built car I'd consider owning. Just wish I could have the turbo... and perhaps a slightly smaller and lighter body.

27th Apr 2015, 22:58

Fuel prices have gone through the roof and then dropped. Oil supply issues have been curtailed. At the moment I'm pretty sure Ford is kicking itself for pulling the pin on Australia. Without huge volume and subsidies from the tax man, the Falcon was not an 'economic' reality. As a second hand buy, these make very attractive cars, as they seem to have good reliability and an excellent factory gas LPi option. I don't know how good the 4 cylinder Falcon will be long term, but it seems to get good reviews. Would be interested in hearing people's long term reviews.