1998 Ford Festiva Trio 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic small car


Very little in 14 years.

Wheel bearings.

Front CV joints at about 190k.

General Comments:

I had this car for 14 years, and recently sold it to a good home.

I was dubious when buying a cheap car for my business; got it OTR for 12.5k Au$ with A/C, power steering etc thrown in.

Purchased it in Cairns, so aircon was important.

I serviced it myself (very easy) and it ran faultlessly in all the time I owned it. It was comfortable, nippy to drive in the city, and also capable on the highway.

Moved to Melbourne, and drove it from Cairns in 3 days - a dream run.

It was a three door and had good space for tall people in the front. With the back seats down, it was like the Tardis; could load heaps of gear in there.

A/C worked brilliantly - only had to re-gas it once.

Never had any issues with rust, oil leaks, seals, radiator, brakes, and still has the original exhaust system.

Interior wore well, and little in the way of rattles and squeaks.

Better car than my Corolla, which was also fantastic.

I now have a Hyundai i30 diesel, which is shaping up to be the best car I have ever owned, but still miss the 'Festy'.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2012

1998 Ford Festiva WB 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Stay away from Ford


Basically what hasn't gone wrong with it?

1.5 years into ownership the engine blew (a big end.. so basically had to replace the whole engine), wasn't a cheap thing considering it was a relatively new car.. and Ford (Found On Rubbish Dump as I like to call them now) decided that it wasn't covered under the warranty...

Just recently the front brakes have started to come on causing huge amounts of stress on the engine etc... when will it end?

General Comments:

I'll never ever buy another Ford.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2000

15th Dec 2000, 00:30

Right then.. Guess who made the Festiva for Ford.. Kia.. that's why you've got a load of crap!

11th Jan 2001, 03:18

We had a Festiva 1996 and have had no problems with it.

31st Jan 2001, 03:40

Yep, don't blame Ford, blame KIA. I also had a Festiva LX with 100K + miles on it and I beat the hell out of it off roading, high speed driving etc... took it on 2 vacations across the U.S. And all I ever had to do was replace the ignition coil, the best part is the car only cost me $200.