1998 Ford Fiesta Studio CTX 1.25 16v Zetec from Italy


A cute roundabout with some flaws


Just little frustrating niggles. It's got a strange momentary gear whine at cold startup from brand-new (never looked after by that tragic dealer).

Trim rattles here and there.

It has recently developed a slight ticking at low speed (calipers need adjusting I suspect).

MUST exchange the timing belt, it has visible little cracks!!

The suspensions are noisy on the bumpy bits, pretty disturbing.

Paintwork (solid white) is nothing special.

Lacks a bit of rear legroom. Interiors not as versatile as a Renault Twingo, but much better built.

Ford CVT (CTX) is sometimes a bit jerky from standstill, that's the most irritating thing. For the rest it's a darling. Could be quicker at the lights, though.

General Comments:

Local Ford dealer hasty & nasty, inefficient and utterly incompetent.

They told me they can't fix the gearbox if it goes wrong (!), left the car with NO petrol when I picked it up first time so I was stranded in the middle of the high street 5 minutes later, and many more bad service episodes.

The boys at the garage can't just understand why I bought it auto. I told them to drive one in the rush-hour traffic for a week. Fools and ignorant. Never again a Ford.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2001

1998 Ford Fiesta Encore 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Looks dreadful, no space, but a brilliant car anyway


Car has had only the most minor faults: foam started bursting out of the front passenger seat when the car was just under a year old (fixed under warranty) and the engine started making a humming noise after being switched off. Fixed by replacing the oil filter.

And the rear wiper decides to take a day off every few months - can't fix it because the problem goes away before you can get it into the shop.

Other than minor work, the car has been very reliable.

General Comments:

Best thing about the car: the handling. You can chuck it into a corner and the precise (non-assisted) steering is communicative, fun and fast.

In my opinion the 60 hp engine is a little under-powered for overtaking, but there are more powerful engines available. It's really just a mismatch with my driving style.

Biggest faults are a lack of space, especially in the rear, and the styling; the body style has been around for so long now that it's boring, bland and old-fashioned. But it's so much fun to drive I'd still seriously consider buying another if I didn't need more space.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2001

1998 Ford Fiesta Ghia X 1.4 Zetec from UK and Ireland


Shabby build but quick with satisfying drive


Cracked petrol tank, leaking brake cylinder, rear light circuit failure, misc. electrical gremlins, failed heated windscreen, squeaking speakers.

General Comments:

It seems that Ford is very good at building basic cars but this model with lots of comfort extras suffers from a lot of build quality problems. The electrical problems have been particularly difficult to fix and often dangerous.

All these problems take the edge of what is otherwise the ultimate urban runabout. The interior is both stylish and full of nice gadgets such as electric seat height adjustment, CD player, Air-con etc. With its sexy alloys and sharp looking front end, this car looks the part too.

Spookily though, the registration ends with WOE and this sums up the luck this car has had. All of these niggles and several accidents to its name after less than 3 years of gentle and infrequent use spoils an otherwise great little car.

Despite all this I can't help but love the car for its speed and handling, which are completely above reproach.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2000

26th Oct 2004, 11:32

Having been the owner of this nippy little car for over 4 years now. I Have little to complain about. Spookily enough though, I too have a problem with my front heated windscreen, this being that only the passenger side works! A terrific idea, in this country and one to be jealous of on a frosty morning... If only the correct side worked. The steering fluid is leaking, leaving a mess on the driveway. This steering rack has been replaced, but the problem has come back. We appear to of been targeted also by the dreadful rust! Front driver wheel arch to be precise.

18th Oct 2007, 04:19

Love driving this little car. Economical (fuel, tax and insurance!) and nippy it makes a great run-around whilst being comfortable on motorways too.

I am amazed at the interior space (kids don't seem squashed in the rear either), good headroom, reasonable boot space and the amount of gadgets this Fiesta has - love the heated screens, air-con and electric mirror.

Small niggles - rust... little bubbles appearing over the arches that I must sort out! also the heater valve had stuck over the summer, but that was easily sorted. I've had a problem with the fuel tank too (a 'pin hole' leak... that they've tried to mend!) - waiting for a new one to be fitted!

I'd certainly have another Fiesta.

3rd Feb 2009, 10:38

OR reviewer here again. It's funny that rust has been mentioned here, ours had rust bubbling up around the driver's side front wheel arch too at around 2.5 years old - forget to mention it before.

I wonder if it's a common fault or this happens to be the same car with its new owner!

1998 Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.25 16V petrol from UK and Ireland


A great little motor!


Door open sensor only works occasionally, apart from that nothing.

General Comments:

A great car with a fun engine, if you want to change the stereo it means buying £15 worth of plastic though.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2000

1998 Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.4 zetec from UK and Ireland


The front windscreen wiper motor has just started to make a creaking noise when operating.

General Comments:

The 1.4i zetec engine is a real beauty.

This car's performance has really pleased me.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2000

1998 Ford Fiesta Encore 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excessive handbrake travel after 1000 miles. Dealer fixed under warranty.

Valvegear became noisy (tapping sound) after 3000 miles. Dealer fixed under warranty.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 1999

1998 Ford Fiesta Encore (Fusion) 1.25 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Car delivered without rear wiper blade and loose exhaust. Gearbox trouble after a few months, required 4 visits to the garage to fix. 12V power point never worked. Body work is now rusting and flaking on roof, under carpet in boot, both doors and at a repair performed by a Ford garage. Garage went speeding in the car and got photgraphed by police resulting in a summons to court for me!!!

General Comments:

Lovely car to drive, CD player is great. Loves winding roads and shows no instablity in corners. Very economical.

Very, very disappointing build quality. I am sick of this car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 12th May, 1999

1998 Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.25 zetec petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing! The car has been perfect, except for the two times I crashed it! I had a 91 Fiesta before this, which was nothing but trouble. The new Fiesta is great!

General Comments:

This is my second car, if Ford were to make the Fiesta more aerodynamic and add a 1.6 or 1.8 zetec to the range, then I would buy another.......



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Review Date: 24th January, 1999