2006 Ford Fiesta Style 1.25 from UK and Ireland


A lovely little car


Immobiliser issues at about 24000 miles.

Apart from that it's been general wear and tear; brakes at about 80000 miles, rear shock absorbers at about 98000 miles, and a new battery at 108000 miles. Also had a lambda sensor.

General Comments:

A fantastic little car, it's now done over 114000 miles and is still in good order. Can be underpowered on some hills, but then it's only a small engine. It has taken me all over the country, including trips to Scotland, The Isle of Wight, Wales etc.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2014

2006 Ford Fiesta ST 2 litre petrol from UK and Ireland


Fun... yet disappointing


The driver's side door has developed a loud "double-clicking" noise when opened and closed. There is a screw that keeps coming loose on a hinge, it seems beyond a permanent fix, it's necessary to keep screwing it back in.

The exhaust has come loose, there's a loud rattle at low revs.

The driver's side window sounds like it's having a hard time closing. There's a loud screeching noise from it.

There's an odd irregular clicking noise from somewhere under the right-hand-side of the car.

General Comments:

The car is quick, but could be quicker. In comparison to something like a Renaultsport Clio, it's a mile behind. It'll stop better than most others though, the brakes are fantastic.

The engine noise is boomy on the motorway. It soon gets droning and boring.

The seats could be a little more comfortable for long-distance driving. OK, so a B road is where a hot hatch should be at it's best, and the seats are great here... but sometimes people need to take to the motorway and the Fiesta soon gets painful and tiring on a long distance trip.

It's a great car to drive and surprisingly practical for a supermini. It'll swallow any amount of luggage with ease. The soundsystem is decent, a 6 CD changer in the dash (no messing about with anything in the boot or under a seat).

The dealer was a bit of a let-down when I got the car... I ordered, and paid for, the side stripes (with the ST logo) but got two strips of masking tape instead. An MP3 slot in the sound system didn't materialise either but a call to the dealer got me a refund on both of these. And the cheap, nasty, masking tape stripes came off too.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2006

3rd May 2007, 09:23

Sorry to hear about the problems (especially as I'm getting an ST!) but on the whole I've heard only positive things about this car. The masking-tape episode is shocking! Yes, the issue re. slight lack of power does seem to crop up occasionally, but then again, it wasn't designed to compete on equal terms with the likes of the 172/182s for sheer speed, but having said that, the standard ST is by no means disgraced. The speed difference is all relative. Unfortunately, it's just one of those things - whenever you change to a slower car, it's going to be one of the first things you notice. Obviously, if your previous car had been a Ka for example, you'd be well-impressed with the ST's turn of speed. For me, the ST is a superb handling little car, which is powerful enough for everyday driving and endless B-road fun (and fortunately it's faster than my current car!).

2nd Aug 2010, 15:42

I've just bought a Fiesta ST after selling my 182 Cup. My god, the Fiesta is a better place to be; the Clio felt and looked cheap inside. It was fast, but I won't miss that really! I really really like my ST; it handles really well on the roads here in North Wales. Looks more expensive than the Clio and feels it too! I'd recommend the ST to anyone!

2nd Oct 2010, 14:54

I traded in a Ford Fiesta ST for a Renault Clio 182, because it had several problems such as the engine light came on, and a squeaky noise at the rear seat.

2006 Ford Fiesta Exi 1.4 Duratec from India


An indicator problem : needed change of vehicle ==> bad quality checks @ shopfloor


- Booked a new car

Day 1


- Went to pick up the car

- Car had problems with the indicator.

- It only "Looked" like a small problem.

Problem : when the right indicator was switched on, the parking lights were also on

- The sales person told me that I can come on the next working day and get it repaired

- But then some nice guy in the showroom said that it was a small problem with the Auto-Cop. So he called up the Auto-Cop guy to check out the problem

- The Auto-Cop guy came and looked at the problem and said that it was not his problem

- The problem seemed deep rooted!

- They told me to leave the car and promised to get the problem fixed the next working day

- Also promised me a free delivery (which I was not anyway interested in!!)

Day 2


- The end of next day they tell me that they have to change the vehicle because of some real serious wiring problem.

That seems ridiculous!! I need to change the vehicle for a problem with an indicator..???

Good that I did not take the vehicle on day 1.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2006

16th Jun 2006, 22:08

Dude, since when did Ford start offering Automatic transmissions on their 1.4 Fiesta? Hope you provide an update when you actually get this car.

20th Jun 2006, 06:02

Dude... Read Carefully... He said Auto Cop not Auto Transmission.

2nd Jul 2006, 00:16

Well, he has mentioned "Duratec Automatic" in his engine and transmission section, below the review. Ford doesn't offer automatics on any of its cars here in India.