2009 Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A brilliant, nippy and economical small car!


So far nothing has gone wrong with the car.

The only niggles I have had are a slight squeak coming from the interior plastic on the passenger side dashboard, under the small triangular window, and a slight squeak from the driver side brakes when travelling less than 30mph. I never really notice these noises, as I normally drive with the stereo on quite loud!

General Comments:

Compared to my previous car (a '99 Vauxhall Corsa), this car is a dream to drive. The 1.6 petrol engine is very nippy, especially around 4000 rpm. My average MPG has been around 45, which I believe isn't too bad for a 1.6 petrol engine. The interior has a very modern design, and the comfort is second to none for someone of average height like myself (5'10").

The stereo system is of greater than average quality, and sounds great with a few equaliser adjustments.

There is a slightly louder than normal tyre noise when travelling at speed, but around 30 you can barely hear anything.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2011

2009 Ford Fiesta 1.4 gasoline from Lebanon


Great looks, but not great enough to make the Fiesta a decent car


The power steering gives a clicking noise as I turn right or left after having 5000Km, and the dealer said it is normal!!!

When I start the engine, especially when cold, it knocks and vibrates, but it goes back into normal operation! The dealer said it is something normal!!!

The interior rattled from the first day!

The door are very flimsy and close with a very strange sound, as if they are going to break!

The paint scratches off easily! After a year of ownership, the paint is full of stone chips and scratches.

The automatic transmission is not top notch!

General Comments:

This car's handling is amazing! Very sharp and responsive.

ABS system works well.

It has a bouncy ride and is noisy at speed.

Exterior and interior looks are the most attractive thing about this car.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2011

2009 Ford Fiesta Zectec S 1.6 TiVCT from UK and Ireland


The best car I have ever driven

General Comments:

The car is great, I only paid £11000 for it after the scrappage scheme and general arguing over the price, and have all the extras like the 17" wheels, USB bluetooth, leather interior, metallic paint and some other bits. Got it brand new and have not once been disappointed with it.

Was really surprised how good it is on fuel, seeing as it's the highest BHP engine they do, getting about 38MPG.

Never had a car with low profile tires and lowered suspension before, and the first few days of having it I thought that something was wrong, as it felt very rough on some roads, but talking to friends they said it's normal, and it's just the bad roads in Cornwall. Take it on a proper tarmac road and the handling is better than my brother's Golf GTI. Never once has it under or over steered or got out of shape, but I backed off as I was to chicken to push it any harder LOL.

Acceleration is good, but it really kicks in in 3rd gear at about 4000 revs, where you feel the car just surge forward.

Brakes are perfect; went onto a quite road and did an emergency stop to see if I could feel the ABS working, not a thing!!! The car didn't even skid and I never felt the ABS working, but I knew it was as the light came on the dashboard.

The interior is good, really comfortable with the racing seats, and the stereo/phone controls are all voice activated, so no need for looking across at buttons.

The speakers in the car are very good; my last car I fully kitted out with subs and speakers with the intention of doing the same to the fiesta. There is no need unless you want to spend £1000 on your sound system; don't bother because you won't beat the quality you already have.

Boot not the biggest, but can still get a body board in the back with extra stuff, and the room for the rear passengers is surprising good from what it looks like outside. My 6'3" mate had no problem in the back when I had a car full.

The one minor thing I will say about the car is with the 17" wheels the turning circle is not the best, moving in and out of car parks and garages normally takes two shunts, but that could just be my bad driving.

All I can say is get yourself down to the Ford dealership and have a test drive and a fiddle with all the stuff on the car, and see if it is for you, but I haven't found anyone that hasn't liked it yet.

Look on youtube for Top Gear's review of it; after seeing that I got the car.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2009

25th Aug 2009, 20:33

So is it very reliable? I am looking forward to its debut in the US and hope Ford changes as little as possible. It is such a good looking little car it makes that odd green paint job look good.

26th Aug 2009, 11:17

Sounds a decent enough car, but it is a massive shame Ford are not making the ST version, and even more so that they are not going to make an RS. With that chassis and the already great styling the top of the range models would have been really really good cars.

Also be careful lifting off the accelerator going around bends, you can induce lift-off oversteer.