4th Oct 2007, 14:48

I think you got a Lemon.

Sounds weird to say this, but my Mum has one, no problems with the interior rattling, she is racking up some good miles on Scottish country roads, and before you comment, she used to race and knows what she is doing at the wheel. The interior is wearing quite well.

The car is quite quick, handles well, and I gather has surprised a fair few cars and Bikes on the Grantown to Aberdeen road.

Having been in a car with her, there is nothing funnier than the expression on a drivers face, when he realises that the car sticking with his flash BMW 330 is a Fiesta driven by a 60 year old Women. It really is priceless.

As a family, we do treat our cars well, back in 1990 she used an XR2 to commute from London to Inverness every 2 weeks or so, and we sold it on mechanically perfect, on its original clutch, on 140k.

Did you get it Second hand? A car like this, (And the xr2 back in its day) is frequently as good as its last owner.

Yes, the Fiesta is not as quick as a Clio 182, but its lap times in group comparisons were quicker than a Cooper S (Mk1) and that is impressive. The Cooper S is known to handle, and has more power, so for the Fiesta to lap quicker says rather a lot for its chassis.

16th Dec 2007, 23:02

Hi guys and girls, I'm a newish Ford Fiesta ST owner.

After three weeks of ownership, I blew the big end on it with only 22000 on the clock (I do drive my cars very hard though), but still for an 05 plate car with 22000 on the clock, it was very disappointing! Anyway I bought the car from a second hand car dealer who told me when I purchased the car it still had a Ford warranty, but no it turned out last owner did not keep up with the 12500 mile service, so it was void...

Anyway, after a week of reassurance the dealer swapped the car for another Fiesta ST, same year, same mileage. I could not say no to another one after a test drive, and gave the Ford ST the benefit of the doubt, because of the 3 weeks of great fun I had with the first one was unbeatable full stop!

The ST's handling is one of a kind; it just sticks to the road like glue, the brakes are very good in my opinion (unlike my Golf GTI - they were crap). I don't know why the guy above is running the brakes down; they're fine, and as for the back end stepping out and the steering wheel jumping out of his hands, I put that down to the driver!!!

The interior is very classy indeed, and the gearbox mesh is spot on if you like a sporty feel.

Performance in great if you're only 18 like myself.

One thing the car lacks is a 6th gear for motorway driving.

Overall, the ST is sound. I've had this one for 3 months now, and NO rattles, bangs or squeaks etc whatsoever!

It's a great car for money. Don't listen to others; I DO own an ST and even though one blew up on me, I still LOVE it!

29th Jan 2008, 14:12

I've had my Fiesta ST a while now and have to agree with the use above in saying I think the writer of the review got a lemon.

Mine has no squeeks or rattles, its nice and quiet. The brakes are fantastic, better than all but 1 car I've driven or owned. I can't fault the brakes on my ST at low or high speed. theres even less brake fade than I would expect.

The car does require being driven with both hands on the wheel in bumpy roads more so than most cars due to the suspension and steering setup. it does tend to pull around a bit, again no worse than most hot hatches or sports cars I've driven.

22nd Feb 2008, 03:43

I agree, a lemon. but the comments about the brakes being "frightfully bad" is all wrong. unless the discs are fade free they will nearly almost fail when you slam on going 100mph.who needs to brake that hard on a motorway anyway? (I'm guessing poor driving was to blame and not the brakes.

The trim on my st150 doesn't make a sound. it feels as tight as a drum.

19th Apr 2008, 06:12

I've had my ST for 3 weeks now, and I love it. There's been no problems so far, the brakes are better than any car I've driven!

Why would you need to do that much harsh braking on a motorway anyway??

The interior is really comfortable and the handling is much better than my previous car, which I spent thousands of pounds on modifications for...

I've had no rattles or squeaks of any kind, and that first review is not a fair representation of the Fiesta ST - if you're considering buying one, my advice is to go for it - you won't regret it for a second!

29th Sep 2008, 11:46

I brought a Fiesta ST 08 plate in June...

When I took it from the forecourt, it was fast and I was pretty happy with it.

The interior does rattle and squeak, but can live with it..

I was getting 30 mpg, and all was good, then one day I over reved it in 1 and 2 for fun, like you would on the track.. and the oil filer blew, causing the engine to dump its oil outside KFC - nightmare.

So in to the garage under the warranty for repairs... now it has a new engine, it's quicker than ever and I'm only getting 25 mpg. I've nearly done 2000 and am just wondering why would it be faster than ever, and drink so much more? Were they scared I would to blow it again and tuned it for me LOL...

1st Jan 2010, 18:03

Great little cars, awesome handling, excellent brakes. Some people say they ain't as quick as a Clio 182, but they are not in the same group as them. The ST sits in with the C2 VTS, Corsa SRi, Turbo Mitsubishi Colt.

If you're looking to get one, go for a white one with black wheels, carbon bonnet; stunning LOL.

30th Jul 2010, 15:44

One thing to say; brilliant!!!

4th Sep 2010, 02:10

Hmmm, I have owned my ST less than twenty four hours, and have read the comments above with interest and an open mind.

I traded my Mini Cooper for the ST yesterday after owning an XR2i many years ago, so I guess it's too early to judge the car, though the journey home was quite interesting compared to the Cooper; the brakes are dreadful; pulling up at traffic lights, a short prayer was needed as I pushed the brake pedal, then almost had to stand on it to stop. I wouldn't mind, but forty mph on a dual carriageway is hardly pushing the car to its limits.

As I continued, the steering wheel decided to jump out of my hands going over a pothole, but the Cooper was the same to be honest. I think most cars have a problem with our roads, so my first impressions are that I still hope the ST will live up to my expectations; she looks good, no rattles as yet, only time will tell of course, and I guess it depends what you expect to get from what started its life as a small family car.

5th Feb 2011, 18:03

I've owned my Fiesta ST for just over a year now, and love it!

It's pretty quick when you want it to be, brakes are fine. It will snatch the steering wheel from you, but what do you expect from a sports setup. I would love a Focus ST, but just can't afford it at the moment.

Oh and it does surprise a lot of people when overtaking more expensive cars.

12th Jul 2012, 20:21

Had my ST150 for 3 years now. 80000km on the clock. No issues whatsoever.

Would I buy another one? Yes.

7th Nov 2016, 20:45

I've had my ST for 10 months now and love it. I just had to get my coolant pump changed though, but was told this is a common problem. Got to agree with the not so great brakes comments, and I've just spent £700 on new pads, discs, calipers and fluid so was a little disappointed to not feel much difference if I'm honest. It's a fun little car that I look forward to keeping for a while longer yet.