12th Sep 2001, 06:32

In your dreams!!!

5th Apr 2003, 21:22

I got 115mph out of my Si as standard. I love it to bits. 10 times better than my last car. just need a few mods for better performance/economy. good second car for an 18 year old.

31st Aug 2003, 12:36

I own an Si not sure about 125mph, but on a long straight mine creped up to just under 120mph. Some engines although the same are built and hold better is guess.

19th Feb 2004, 14:09

OK everyone is in disagreement here. I think 140 is a bit of unlikely, but I've got JUST over 120 out of my 1.6 si on a downhill and there was still 1000 rpm left before the red line before someone pulled into my lane. I reckon 125 is certainly possible. If you're only getting 105 out of it then there's something wrong.

31st Mar 2004, 05:55

Who ever only got 110mph out of fiesta si there is something wrong with your car, as I had 1.3 fiesta and was pushing 110mph on a flat.

3rd Aug 2004, 09:59

I own a fiesta Si, I have added an air filter and full exhaust system, but it tops out at 100mph does anyone have an idea what the problem may be? is it common for this car at high mileage?

11th Dec 2004, 04:41

I Own a fiesta si 1.6 16v zetec 95M does anyone know what BHP this car is?

27th Apr 2005, 07:29

I've just brought a fiesta si 1.6 16v as my first car and it is all standard. can anyone help me with a few simple mods I can with it?as a first car I think its great, it blows out my mates cars apart from one who has just brought a new fiesta zetect s. if I was to ad a K&N and a new exhaust will this match my mates zetect?

30th Oct 2005, 10:02

The 1.6 16v is renowned for having starter motor problems. the solenoid sticks for a past time. The solution is a new starter motor as the simplest option. As for the performance side, the engines are restricted not by the size of the engine, but the valve sizes. The best thing to increase performance is to fit a performance head, although the valve sizes cannot be enlarged too much because the car has 4 valves that have to fit inside each bore, and a 1.8 head won't fit. I'm currently doing a 2.0 Mondeo conversion as this is a far cheaper option if your handy with a spanner. And that's 145 Bhp in a fiesta as standard.

Chipping, full exhaust system, cams and filter all help top remove flat spots and improve response, but not much more than 15bhp can be had to be honest. Hope this helps.

16th Jul 2006, 07:10

Clio's lighter and handles better, so I'm afraid you would'nt stand a chance.

11th Sep 2006, 12:34

I owned an Si 1.6 16v and I DID get it to 125MPH on the M20 motorway. For anyone who says its not possible is WRONG because mine did it. It was on a flat bit of road and only I was in the car. I had to sell my beloved Si because I couldnt afford the insurance at the time. It was by far the best car I have owned and why would anyone possibly need to go faster than 125MPH on a public road I don't know. I am looking into getting another Si because I couldnt fault mine - last MOT failed and only £50 of repairs to get it through. Couldnt ask for a better car at 18 years old.

6th Sep 2009, 16:33

I had a Clio 1.2 Sport and am looking at one of these Fiestas. I don't think anyone could lie about doing 125mph. I did that in my Clio, and if a 1.6 can't do it, then it has problems. I think most of people who don't agree just look at paper stats and don't realise they are done on limited rev range.