14th Jul 2010, 07:09

Nice review.

My car: Fiesta, 1999, 1.25l, 16v Zetec-S engine, 4 spoke alloy wheels, rear boot spoiler, white instrument cluster, Melina Blue.

91k miles when acquired, and heading towards 115k.

The amazing thing about this car is its Zetec-S engine, which is so responsive given its size.

My Fiesta is relatively quiet on the motorway, which is due to the Nexen tyres. It made a lot of noise when I fitted the spare, which was a Pirelli, I can only imagine the noise with with 4!

The worst part of the car is the rust. It seems Ford made no effort in getting the underbody waxed, or fitting galvanised body panels therefore leading to premature rust. When I compare my car to my Dad's Corsa (also 1999), his car is yet to show any.

Anyhow, a brilliant car, and a first car to remember!

24th Aug 2010, 06:44

Original Reviewer:

Car has now developed a weird clutch problem. It will occasionally drag on first lifting the pedal (i.e. not engage at at all), then when you reach the top of the pedal travel, it will engage all at once with a tremendous clunk / jerk. It is mainly prevalent on 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear, but can affect 4th too.

Also had two front coil springs and control arms replaced. Now needs anti-roll bar bushes and drop links, characterised by clunking over bumps and vague steering.

Other than that she's going like a watch. Wish I could get the clutch problem sorted though...

29th Sep 2010, 05:18

Original reviewer: Car now showing 60.8K and going all right.

Had the master cylinder done on the clutch but it's still a bit jumpy.

Reckon it will want welding to the back of the sills for the next MOT, due in mid-November.

Also had to do the nearside track rod end, both front drop links and anti-roll bar bushes.

Front offside brake pad was locking onto the disc when driving, so new caliper has been fitted.

Anyway I shall probably be keeping the car until the middle of the next year.

To the previous comment - I may take your advice and fit 2 Nexen tyres to the front as mine will soon be due for replacement.