10th Jul 2003, 04:59

I've just picked up an H reg xr2i as an mot failure. For free!! Cos there's a shed load of rust on the sills on both sides and it will cost a few hundred the weld etc to get the car through it's mot. The engine performs well though and I'm suitably impressed. It's done 92k now and unfortunately I guess it has had a hard life, as most xr2i's probably do. It's the nature of the beast.

The engine is burning off oil and I can't justify putting high grade oil in when that happens, but I know what you are saying. My car doesn't have power assisted steering - the steering is quite heavy for a small car too. More power to the wheels, so they say.

It's my second car. By that, I mean I now own 2 cars. My main car is a 1997 BMW 323iSE. Now that is a stormer and frankly would eat the xr2i for breakfast. But it is an expensive 2.5 straight 6...

The xr2i has been "bought" for doing some motor club rallying. So I want to lose weight on the car, fit sporty seats and a 'cage.

The car has also been repaired where the fuel tank thing is. The usual problem sorted by a bodge repair and sprayed over...!!

One thing for certain is the car had been sat for 3/4 weeks. My Beemer would have struggled to start, but the xr2i stared first time - very impressed! I hear that's an xr2i trait which is a good one. I hope mods are cheap cos I've never had a Ford before and want to tinker a bit with it, in a rally kind of way. Money limited by wanting to modify my beemer too... But need to compete with mate who has a '99 Proton Satria GTi and they are pocket rockets with Lotus suspension. Anyone tried to fit nitrous to an xr2i???

10th Mar 2005, 06:12

There probably was, but there more than likely dead so you wouldn't be able to ask them.