26th Aug 2005, 09:56

The point is the quality of the car. As mentioned there are numerous loose parts and a lack of longevity in these cars. The mirror is just an example of the experience. I think it's about time that Ford appreciates that there are discerning people who notice there lack of attention to quality and by smart people buying elsewhere, they just might. The way I, and many friends feel about their attitude towards service means it will be take a miracle to make us ever trust them or their products ever again.

27th Aug 2005, 01:25

I bet it isn't/wasn't going rusty like my 1998 Polo is!

18th Jun 2006, 15:01

I don't see how any of the trivial problems listed back up the reviewers arguments about build quality, at least on a car of this age.

The mk4 Fiesta has basically three generic faults, all of which are easy and cheap to rectify (front suspension bushes, heater control valves and idle control valves), plus a couple more avoidable faults usually caused by poor/incorrect maintenance. The engines run pretty much forever if serviced to the manufacturers schedule, the trim is hard wearing (if cheap looking), and the handling is entertaining. I would argue that if you go for one of the Zetec engined models, you will not find another small car at anywhere near this price with a more impressive mix of performance, reliability, durability and low running costs.

We've had our 98 1.4 Zetec from new. Now on 104,000 miles and apart from the faults mentioned above, literally nothing has gone wrong with it. It outperforms almost any other 1.4 out there, returns 40 mpg average and is genuinely, for a small, cheap car, an absolute pleasure to drive. I have an Audi A4 1.8T Quattro and I don't hate driving the Fiesta. It's what it is, a very capable and surprisingly enjoyable cheap runabout (with better steering than the Audi).