15th Jul 2001, 13:21

I've owned the same MK2 1984 950cc Fiesta since 1986, it now has 165000 miles on the clock and is still going.

Over the years the rot has been quite bad - boot, sills, front floor pans, inner wings, and many other places. Apart from the rot it has been a reliable and cheap car to run, maybe because I carry out all my own bodywork and mechanical repairs. The car would have probably found itself in the breakers yard long ago if I had to pay a garage.

Body-wise I must have one with the dreaded fungus straight from the factory, as I see MK1's in better condition.

21st Sep 2001, 15:19

I have a mk2 Fiesta 1986, very reliable, high insurance (maybe my age), in quite good condition compared to many others that I have seen. Currently modifying it at the moment.

7th Feb 2003, 05:26

Owned a Mk1 Fiesta 1.1 until last year. Very economical on petrol, comfortable and surpisingly quick for its age (1982). Bodywork was the main problem although spare panels are readily available and cheap. The breakers yard also proved to be a great source of spare parts.

30th Apr 2003, 12:10

My father brought a Mk1 Fiesta 957cc for £850.00 in 1992, despite breaking down the day after he acquired it, (a service was all it needed) it gave him 5 years of reliable, cheap motoring. Rust was the biggest problem, especially doors & sills, but repairs were cheap. It used little oil and was very economical, the engine when he sold it (for a MK3 fiesta) had done 90k, but was still very nippy, although noise was intrusive. My only gripe was the lack of servo assisted brakes, as it took a LONG time to stop from high speed, but overall a great car we all loved. If you can get hold of a decent example, you won't be disappointed.

10th Dec 2004, 05:08

Mk1 fiesta's are built much better than Mk2's, that's why Mk2's rust much quicker.I've owned Mk1,Mk2 and Mk3 fiesta's and the Mk1 rules! The best engine is the 1117cc as it's the best compromise between mpg and performance, and it's also very easy to tune! Use good spark plugs and set the timing by ear, and you'll be be suprised how much more responsive it will be!!!