2008 Ford Focus Titanium 1.8 petrol from Slovakia


Good looking family thing


Nothing serious.

The car had a tiny dent in the driver's door when new. Fixed by the dealer.

Trunk wouldn't close as easily as one would expect - you had to smash it down really hard. Got better after some time, so we never asked for a repair.

Some plastic rattling... most recent noise - wind blowing through the driver's window (no crash history).

Engine RPM unstable at some rare occasions when in neutral. Jumps between 600-1200 and can make the engine die when accelerating from 0. It's a common SW issue with this model, but as it doesn't happen often, it doesn't really bug us.

General Comments:

We have a wagon. The handling is that of a wagon - it has some pendulum effect, but is otherwise stiff enough.

The suspension seems a little harder than our old Astra G (2000), so first you feel bumps you barely see, until at about 160-170 km/h, you stop feeling anything, which feels like taking off.

It is excellent value for the money, considering all the stuff inside, and the 1.8 L petrol gives enough power for 2 adults with plenty luggage. With 4 adults to carry, I'd consider a 2.0.

I had the "pleasure" to test drive a friend's 1.6 (2007) Focus wagon and was barely able to catch a fully loaded bus! (we were 3 adults with no luggage in the car vs 80 in the bus and I pushed it to 5000 RPM) Stay away from 1.6 engines - they are far too weak for this car - used cars dealers were full them.

When making our decision, we tested other cars:

KIA Ceed - I liked the handling, but due to VVT, it was very noisy at speeds above 110 km/h.

Astra H's interior was something I couldn't look at.

SAAB - tested a 180 HP, which was not impressive enough to convince us to buy 120-125 HP.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2010

2008 Ford Focus SES 2.0 from North America


Awesome FWD 4 Cylinder car


Alignment went bad at about 20k miles, causing premature wear of tires.

Sway bar nuts came loose at 30k miles. (repaired for free under bumper to bumper warranty).

Slight rapping of the engine at 31k miles. This was due to a non-motorcraft oil filter. (Ford cars and trucks are picky about their oil filter brand, so stay with motorcraft and the engine will last a very long time).

The serpentine belt looks a little worn, but I suppose this may be normal at about 30k-40k miles.

General Comments:

This is a very fun and reliable car with superb handling.

The suspension is a little stiff, and I foresee myself replacing the suspension at about 60k or 70k. I won't mind, because I'll spend good money for good suspension at that point.

The acceleration is a little sluggish but manageable if you can finesse the gas pedal just right. (2.0L DOHC with auto trans)

No back seat interior lighting.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2010

2008 Ford Focus ST facelift 2.5 turbo petrol from South Africa


Great value for money


So far so good, besides rattles and creaks, which have been rectified by the dealership.

General Comments:

This car is brilliant, feels a lot different to the previous Pre facelift versions (2006-2008). In stock form it is definitely quicker off the mark.

I am running upgraded performance software and the car is indeed a different animal.

Leather Recaro seats are comfy and are heated, but crease quite a bit. If I had to choose again, I'd go for cloth instead.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2009

2008 Ford Focus SES 2.0 from North America


Best little car I have ever owned, great value.


Have had no problems with this vehicle at all.

General Comments:

I am 6 ft. over 330 lbs and fit very well!

My wife has never been a Ford fan but loves this car too.

After break in it gets over 35 MPG, never got below 31 MPG even in town.

Shoot we have been to south Texas in it 3 time this last year over 560 miles each trip.

It is roomy with my wife and I in the two leather front seats and our poodle in the back.

Lots of luggage space also, handles great.

Rides as good or better than any car I have ever had.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2009

11th Feb 2009, 23:24

I'm glad you like your Focus and you fit so well in it with your large size. I read that Ford has recently been using a database to design cars that takes into account people of all sizes and it is making a difference.

I am especially interested in this because I want to buy a new car for my father, 6 foot tall, 380 lbs. It is very hard to find information on this subject that is helpful. I want to narrow the choices to one or two before I bring one to his house to take him on a test drive.

If you would have any comments on what you have found looking for cars that fit larger people, I would be most grateful if you could post it.

I hear the Volkswagen Beetle is good for large people, but that would not work for him because it sits too low. He is older and his knees don't work so good. For years Dad has done well with a 1993 Ford F-150. But now it is getting hard for him to climb up into it. Ideally we could find something that he could just kind of slide horizontally into without climbing down or up. (My father in law has done well with a Ford Escape that way, but he is not as big as my father.)

2nd Sep 2011, 10:06

I hope you found a good car for your dad. I thought there would be a practical application for those low-rider hydraulics. Drop the car for getting in and out, then switch to proper ride height to drive. He could continue using a truck with such a feature.