2014 Ford Focus Titanium TDCI 1.6 turbo diesel from Romania


Best handling and best looking family car in its class


Nothing mechanically.

My only gripe is the low quality of the interior materials and some ergonomic issues.

The soft, thin leather on the steering wheel and on the gear shifter knob is worn out, seat fabric is thin, already started to wrinkle on the driver seat's side support. The seat fabric and wheel / knob leather leather in my old Focus 1 was much better.

There's a few ergonomic issues as well: climate controls are many, small and fiddly, placed too low and require constant taking your eyes off the road.

Being the Titanium trim level, it has some fake chrome inserts in the steering wheel and around the air vents which - at certain sun angles, and due to the huge, sloping front windscreen - they reflect and shine wildly into your eyes.

The 4 air vents in the dash are small, awkward in shape and placement, with little adjustment. Sadly, form and style won over function there.

General Comments:

Excellent, sporty handling, like we've come to expect of the Focus, even in estate (station wagon) version like I have, especially when driving solo. That is one of the main reasons I bought this car. The 1.6 diesel engine, 115 hp is OK, but if the car is full it's sort of weak and sluggish.

Plenty of space in the boot, no lip in the back, rear seats fold without taking off the headrests - you can easily fit a normal sized bicycle in there, lots of small storage spaces across the car, plus USB ports. Much better noise insulation compared to previous versions.

But the interior space is small, too small for the size of the car; the dashboard and center console are especially large and intrusive. The feeling is there's less space inside than in a Mk2 (previous generation) Focus.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2019

7th Dec 2019, 10:52

Well written review. This is a good car. However I'm with you on saying that the fiddly climate and radio controls are rubbish. They are annoying and dangerous. It's not just this car to be fair - most cars from 2010 onwards all seem to insist on having a touch screen and small buttons in the centre console. Just Google "annoying modern car features". You are not alone, manufacturers should take note!

7th Dec 2019, 17:36

One of the nicer looking cars Ford has made. But some owners had troubles with the Powershift dual clutch transmission that was made in Mexico. Carcomplaints.com has it as a clunker alert on the 2012-2016 Ford Focus vehicles. Looks like that transmission is a lot better in 2018. Also Ford says they will replace or fix those defective transmissions, but many people traded them in at a terrible loss...

2014 Ford Focus SE 5 door hatchback 2.0 gas from North America


This car has so far been trouble free and I would highly recommend it



General Comments:

As I am very heavy (300 pounds) and tall (6 feet), I find the seats uncomfortable and front seat space tight. However, my wife at 5 feet 4 inches (a normal sized person) loves the seat comfort and legroom.

I am blown away at the fuel economy of this car. I have gotten as good as 5 litres/100 km highway driving, which is better than most hybrids. The fuel economy meets and exceeds expectations.

I find the quality of interior trim is flimsy. There are some minor issues with the way the transmission shifts at low speed, such as in stop and go traffic. This seems to be normal for this type of transmission, as it is not a fully automatic, but a dual clutch semi automatic. We accept it as it is.

The Focus rides and handles well. The very good sound deadening results in a quiet ride. Much better than the competition.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2016

2014 Ford Focus SE 2.0 I4 GDI from North America


Very disappointed with Ford


The transmission is the #1 problem with this car. It jerks, shutters, grinds, and jump starts when least expected. Often times at takeoff it shakes so violently I thought it was going to break down in the middle of the street.

I took the car in at least 3 times within the first 12 months of ownership to "reprogram" the transmission. The first time was when I had only 800 miles on it! By the 2nd trip the first dealer said they'd order a new clutch assembly and it would take 6-8 weeks. After waiting 9 weeks and the transmission acting up again, they said they never ordered it and that it would take 12 weeks for the parts to get in.

After expressing my dissatisfaction with dealer 1, I took it to dealer 2 for a 2nd opinion. Again, they "reprogrammed" the transmission and said it will take 4-6 weeks to get a clutch assembly in. Now after 8+ weeks that dealer has no idea when it'll be in.

If I did research before my purchase, I would have bought a Honda Civic instead. Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem. Google "Ford Focus dual-clutch problems" if you don't believe me.

General Comments:

I bought the Ford Focus because I needed better gas mileage and wanted to buy American. I did not appreciate GM and Chrysler using my tax dollars to get bailed out, so I figured Ford would be a good choice.

Aside from a crappy dual-clutch transmission, I do get good gas mileage, and after being rear ended on the freeway, it held up well.

I got the 201A Appearance Package with my car, which was $22,000, and I got a $3000 rebate from Ford, another reason why I went with this car.

Unfortunately the dealers know there's a problem, but they still keep making excuses as to why the transmission acts this way and can't figure out a solution to fix it. I'm currently debating on whether to hold onto it, hoping it'll be resolved soon, or sell it before the problem gets worse and then everyone will avoid this car as their already notorious reputation gets worse. We shall see.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2015

23rd Nov 2015, 14:16

It's painful to see Ford use Americans as lab rats for their new dual clutch transmission. And they stated some time ago that they found a cure for this transmission. A new transmission control code for it. Ford knew of these problems when they launched this transmission in Europe, and instead of fixing the problem there, they bought it over to America before it was ready. These modern transmissions have a lot of components to them, so fixing them at a reluctant Ford dealership might not be easy.