31st Mar 2003, 20:36

Oh great tonight I went out to start my 2000 focus zx3 and guess what? The key wouldn't go in all the way so it wouldn't turn... No start? So I had to jump in old faithful my 1972 340 duster... And I got to where I had to go!!

After reading all the reviews, it is certainly time to put the focus up for sale.. If anyone buys it at all it will be a miracle.. I wonder what the ford reps. drive?


1. First week the passenger side windshield wiper blew off on interstate 75!

2. Fuel pump went out at 7,000 miles

3. Too many recalls to list...

4. Brakes squealed after first week and still do after fresh brake job.

5. Front end vibrates at 65 mph..

6. replaced tires at 10,000 miles

7. drivers door handle sticks

8. driver side brake light lens blew off... lost it..

9. A/C had to be fixed at 15,000 miles...

10. service techs scratched the car and ripped a hole in the door panel.. never got back with me to fix it..

11. Passenger floor board gets wet from something?

12. All in all looks like I have more troubles ahead...

Best thing about the car is: The radio is awesome!! Good thing because I can crank it up to block out the squealing brakes!!! Or it's good for keeping me company while waiting for the tow truck to arrive... Good thinking "FORD" (not)!!

14th Aug 2003, 09:18

I hate my 2000 Focus. I would not recommend this car to anyone. I have heard that the later years (2002, 2003) are not so bad. I have had 5 or 6 recalls, and have had to have my Focus taken to the dealer several times for the brakes--they wear out very, very quickly (as in, less than a full year for pads and rotors).

The trunk only closes if I slam it down very, very hard. The rear defroster doesn't work (might not be Ford's fault though...I'm not sure yet).