2nd May 2005, 07:29

You are right that the Focus has been designed in and for Europe. Models for the EU made in Germany and Spain. Models for the US market are made in Mexico. Well, yes, cost reduction from the manufacturer, but it does not changes the fact that it is a great car! I also own a 2003 5-door hatch with a 1.6L (100bhp) 5-speed stick, EU model and just love it ;)

Cheers, Lefty

17th Aug 2005, 17:03

Someone posted the sedan was "pig ugly". LOL I wouldn't even consider the Easter Egg hatchback model...

18th Aug 2005, 23:37

The European Focus of that model year was built in Germany. But the American Focus hatchback was built in Mexico and the sedan in Michigan. All Focus production now (2005 and later) will be in Michigan (for North American models) and Russia (for European models).

12th Jan 2006, 06:57

You should have your allignment done if you are going through so many tires.

13th Mar 2006, 07:04

The new shape Ford Focus sold here in Australia is assembled in South Africa.

I thought the older shape was built in Belgium, not sure about that though.

13th Mar 2006, 10:06

NEVER buy any Focus sold in North America. They have the lowest quality possible and are even an older model than the more modern European version.

Focus is a great idea in theory, but like all Ford products is a failure on so many levels in reality.

6th Jun 2006, 19:30

As a mechanic I have owned cars from all 3 US manufacturers as well as Germany and Japan. The myth of "foreign superiority" is just that... A MYTH. The cost of ownership on the Japanese cars will be as much or more than on a US made vehicle, and the costs of owning a German car will be MUCH higher. The Foreign car ad people do a real snow job on the public. I've owned 5 Mustangs, 4 Ford trucks, an Escort and a Focus ZX-3. Some I put well over 100,000 miles on, and none ever had a problem. Ford builds some of the best cars in the world, and the quality of both Mazda and Jaguar went UP sharply after Ford took them over.

7th Jun 2006, 06:44

Hmmm I do believe what your fact on reliability issues on pre-Ford Jaguars, but... Mazda was unreliable before Ford took a stake in them? This claim is simply not true. In fact, Mazda's (and Nissan's and Honda's and Toyota's) are the only 15+ year-old cars we ever see here in Greek roads in reasonably good shape. And whoever has ever driven a car on this kind of "roads", is well aware of what I'm talking about. True, the cost of parts is quite high, but you just don't need them that often.