2006 Ford Focus C-MAX Zetec 1.6 from UK and Ireland


I've noticed of late, that on my C Max the idle rpm appears steady on the tacho gauge, yet on listening to engine, it sounds like the timing is out?

And there's an occasional loss of power when the air con is on, mainly in the lower gears.

Anyone else had or having this?

General Comments:

Apart from the above, and having a new set of gear linkages fitted, all seems well.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2008

2006 Ford Focus C-MAX Style 1.6 TDCi from UK and Ireland


Better than my expectations... so far.....


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

I was a little worried about buying the car after reading poor comments here and elsewhere, but so far my concerns have not been justified.

I bought the car new via an on-line broker and saved 37% off the list price!!! The car was driven to my home (which accounts for the first 220 miles) and a very thorough and professional handover was completed, after which I paid the balance for the car and took it for a ride, dropping the driver off at the local railway station.

I have had the car for a little over a month and it now has 2,150 mile on the clock, most of which are motorway miles. I have been impressed with the motorway performance, where the engine feels perfectly at home. Indeed I have been quite surprised with the performance, as being the 90ps TDCi, I expected it to be weak in this area. It is, however, not a flying machine, and it lacks the punch of powerful diesel engines such as the 2.0 TDCi which I recently hired in Spain. I suspect that if you were to load the car up more than I do, the lack of power would become more evident.

So far the economy has fallen a little short of the manufacturer's claims, and I have been averaging around 52mpg. From previous experience this will improve as the engine settles in, though I do not envisage it achieving the claimed 58.9 on the combined cycle, especially when my motoring returns to the A roads, which I spend most of my time on.

I find the car reasonably comfortable, though my retired father has commented that the seats are too hard. The only other negative is that the housing around the gear lever extends into the space where my knee naturally falls when cruising on the motorway. The car is spacious enough for 4 plus luggage, but I would not like to use it for more than that.

So far I have not had any reliability problems, which is more than I can say for my Mini One Convertible, which is reported on elsewhere in these pages. I am aware that things can change, but my experience is that even the best manufacturers can make a lemon every now and again: it is just that some do it more frequently than others. I think that this time I have bought a good one.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2006

19th Feb 2007, 01:47

A brief update on my car. Having now travelled almost 12,000 miles in my C-Max in 7 months the car has had its first service which cost a whopping £178 which I consider to be unreasonable, especially as the car now pulls to the left which it did not do before the service. I will return to the dealer this afternoon to get this minor niggle sorted.

That aside, the car has continued to serve me well with no faults. It's versitility continues to impress and the easy access is appreciated by my elderly parents. I would now definately buy another car from this manufacturer and my face would be bright yellow and beaming if I could change the icon.

If you want a practical, economical car and don't mind the lack of image, the C-Max is a excellent choice - if you get a well built example!

12th Mar 2007, 06:53

I'm thinking of buying a C MAX 1.6 Style (Petrol) but have become a bit worried by the various comments. The only neagtive I had before these was 1 that's mentioned above - I'm 6' 3" - the space between the gear stick and where my left leg rests seems quite small. My leg is right up against it - is this a problem anyone else has encountered? Do you find it a real problem? Thanks.

14th Jun 2007, 17:30

As a person in the US, I've seen pictures of the C-MAC and wondered why they aren't bringing it to the US. Nice looking car. I'd buy one if they had them here. We have the old Focus, which are sort off boring looking. Actually, it seems like Ford could bring half of the European Fords over here and they would sell well.