2015 Ford Fusion SE 2.5 4 cylinder gas from North America


Decent all around commuter, otherwise boring, stale, and uninspired


This is a company car that I drive for work.

2 out of balance tires and rims rebalanced shortly after purchase at the dealer.

Sway bay link at about 5000 miles under warranty.

No other problems.

General Comments:

While the car is generally smooth, quiet, and roomy for its size, I would never want to own one myself.

The A pillar/front door pillar is oddly angled, and really cuts into vision from the driver's seat. The whole view from the driver's seat is awkward until you get used to it. I will say the Fusion is more comfortable than the larger, overpriced Taurus; the Taurus has a huge center console that really cuts into leg room...

The steering feels completely numb and unconnected from the road.

Huge trunk for a midsize car.

The whole center stack has way too many buttons for this type of car; the radio and climate control buttons are angled weird and are just downright comical and goofy looking.

For normal driving, the 2.5 4-cylinder has adequate power, but fuel economy is lacking and Ford doesn't offer direct injection in its base model. I have gotten under 20 MPG a few times city driving during cold winter months, to as high as 35 MPG on longer highway trips.

And while you can get an Ecoboost turbo on a Fusion, it is once again pretty much outclassed in power and fuel economy by everything in the competition. And it has known reliability issues as well.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and yours truly sure isn't beholding much beauty in Ford's entire passenger car lineup for 2016. This whole dust-buster looking front end thing just hasn't grown on me... They even took it upon themselves to butcher the Mustang with this ridiculous look. While the front end of the Fusion may look "bold' or "edgy" to some who can actually appreciate it, the rest of the car's style is equally as drab as its interior. Only the 2016 Chevy Mailbu looks worse in my opinion.

To me the Fusion is not a terrible car, but at the moment it is just simply outclassed by everything in its competition and price range.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 8th January, 2016