17th Oct 2007, 00:12

I have to say I was not a Ford fan. Even though a close family member worked for Ford. I saw the Ford challenge and since my wife and I were considering purchasing a new car in the near future I took a Fusion for a drive. I am a die hard Camry owner and I had to say even I would have bought the car.

I really liked the way it handled and the 4 cylinder puts out 165 horse power while still delivering fuel economy. We picked up my wife's new Fusion last Saturday and I couldn't be happier. She really loves the car and I have to say I was so comfortable on the way back from the dealership I almost fell asleep. Her previous car was a 2001 Mazda 626 and I always thought it was too noisy on the road. The Fusion is quiet and very comfortable to drive. Thanks Ford for such a wonderful automobile!

20th Oct 2007, 19:05

We've driven Fords for 30+ years and our 2 family companies use Ford vans and Ranger pickups as service vehicles. The myth that Ford does not build quality vehicles is just that... a MYTH. No new Ford we have bought since 1975 has ever had a single major mechanical problem, including one that was driven 20 miles one way to work 5 days a week for EIGHTEEN YEARS.

Our company Ford vans and Rangers routinely go 300,000 miles with only routine servicing. Some have been in continuous service since 1993.

Consumer Reports just did a story on dependable vehicles, and the lead article featured a Ford Ranger with 488,000 miles on it. That was the highest mileage of any of the vehicles features in the article.

Ford has never had any need to make apologies for their quality and reliability, and the Fusion is one of the best cars built anywhere on the planet.

16th Dec 2007, 19:39

Before buying my last car, I test drove a 4-cylinder Fusion (great, and surprisingly fast), a V-6 automatic (very fast), and just for kicks the salesman let me drive a rare (I didn't know they even made one) V-6 with the 5-speed manual transmission. It was a tire smoking brute that would leave most any V-6 and some V-8's in the dust.

I was impressed with everything about the Fusion, but even more so recently when a colleague at work wanted to take me to lunch in their new Lexus. I was absolutely blown away... by the poor build quality!! The interior (except for the leather seats) was ALL the "cheap plastic" I hear so many complaints about. Even our modest GM SUV has padded, upholstered door panels. In addition, the "check engine" light was on (after THREE WEEKS of driving!!) and a disturbing noise was issuing from the dash. Of course this was the least expensive Lexus, which is a Camry with an extra $20,000 tacked on, but nevertheless, you guys who opted to buy a Fusion have a MUCH higher quality car!!

Congratulations on having the good sense not to listen to ad hype. As for me, I made a mistake and bought a Mustang. It is a great, dependable car, but rides nowhere nearly as smoothly as the Fusion and gets worse gas mileage. Oh, well, the kids at fast-food drive-thru windows think it's cool!!

1st Apr 2008, 16:32

I bought my 2007 Fusion after selling my 2006 Camry at a loss. The V-6 Fusion is the best car I have ever owned. It is so for ahead of my Camry that there is no comparison. My V-6 Camry was the slowest car I ever owned. It took 9 seconds to 60mph. The Fusion takes 7. I have been totally happy with the power, ride, smoothness and fit and finish on my Fusion SEL V-6. It is all better than my Camry. I won't be going back to Toyota. I guess they were good once, because lots of people still think they are.

7th Apr 2008, 22:54

I know what you mean about Camrys being slow. I love coming up beside one at red lights because I know I can outrun it without breathing hard. It's even less of a challenge if I am in a vehicle instead of on foot.

11th Apr 2008, 18:00

Hi There. I'm the original reviewer here with an update. It's now been over 1 full year and 10,000 miles since I purchased. Absolutely nothing has changed about this review. The car is still flawless with no problems whatsoever, and is still enjoyable to drive.

12th Apr 2008, 12:00

Congratulations on the Fusion. It's rated as the most reliable car on the planet by virtually every automotive source, and appears to be knocking off the Camry nicely. I just reviewed the ads for used Camrys in our area and there were 45 used Camrys from 2004 through 2007 listed. SEVEN of these were at ONE Ford dealership. I'd bet they were all traded in on Fusions.

12th Apr 2008, 15:47

I've had my 2007 Fusion SEL V6 AWD now for over a year.

I love the car for it's ride, handling and comfort features.

My only complaint is the noisy motor or exhaust.

To get any horsepower, it seems the engine is reving quite high, this I guess accounts for the noise. Other than that, everything is fine...

13th Apr 2008, 12:28

Okay, before I get bashed for being a "Honda Dealer", I have not owned a Honda for over 20 years.

I test drove the Fusion SEL with high hopes, but I was so underwhelmed I couldn't buy it. It was a beautiful leftover brand new '07 AWD with everything on it, so I was really disappointed.

I love the looks of it, and was so surprised that the drive was so lack-luster. It even had the V-6 in it.

I then test drove a Honda Accord just to check out the '08's with the increased size and all, and the base LX 177 hp 4 cylinder actually felt more powerful and smoother than the Ford V-6.

I HATE having to side with the Honda, but the Fusion will be no match for it, and I didn't even drive the V-6 yet.

Yes, the Fusion is a step in the right direction for Ford, but the drive-line needs some more refinement to actually compete with the Japanese cars.

This is coming from an American car fan... Love Mustangs, Challengers, Corvettes, etc. I know that sports cars are in a different league though.

13th Apr 2008, 21:08

Comment 15:47 deals with my biggest gripe with Ford products (I currently own a 2007 Mustang).

The automatic transmissions in the cars (and trucks) require a real hard flooring of the gas pedal to get it to shift. Then you get a rather noisy blast of high RPMs. This seems to be true of all Fords (we've owned a bunch).

We also own GM vehicles and I love the smooth, responsive shifting of their automatics. The easy downshifting and smooth response actually makes our 4-cylinder GM compact feel more responsive and powerful than our Mustang.

I love both Ford and GM and have never had one seconds trouble with either of them.

The Fusion is by far the best Ford I've ever driven (I had test driven Fusions before deciding on my Mustang). Ford's reliability has never been an issue with me, as some of my Fords have gone over 300,000 miles with no engine or transmission problems. I'm just more impressed with the silky smooth transmissions in my GMs.