8th Jun 2011, 18:25

Having had experience with Honda, I'd drive a used Yugo from the 80's before risking another Honda.

And buying a V-6 in a car as small as the Fusion makes little sense. There is little noticeable difference in power (and I know because we own both a 4 and a 6). The V-6 averages 19 mpg, which I think is pretty bad. I took the 4 on a 60-mile trip today on level interstate, and got 38.3 mpg. That was at the speed limit and with the air off. Paying twice as much for gas between the 4 and 6 is not really sensible. The limiters cut both off at 120mph, and both will easily hit that in 4th gear. Even box-stock, the 4 has ample power.

12th Aug 2011, 22:53

The hot weather is taking its toll on my gas mileage in my I-4 Fusion. The mileage drops from 36-38 mpg highway to a very dismal 30 with the air on. I can't wait for cooler weather. My wallet will appreciate it!!

27th Dec 2012, 23:00


Just checking out the site again, and read whatever reviews have been posted in relation to my model year(s) 06-09.

My 09 is still a beauty. 61,285 Km, 3 1/2 years old. This car is still running tops! Just switched from summers to winters again as it's winter. Factory Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires are still great; mind you only 35,000 or so Km on 'em. I run BLIZZAKS over the winter.

Nothing else new to report, which is good. Mileage on the V6 still stinks in the city. 9.5 to 11.5, depending on traffic and lights. Highway mileage still is decent; 7.0 to 8.0 depending on speed, wind direction etc.

I would recommend an 06 to 09, as they are very tough, yet very cheap to buy used. That's the only downfall I can see.

When extended warranty is up in May 2014, I should still have under 100,000 km, yet figure if I sell it myself I'll get 9K. The more likely scenario is I'll trade her in on a "bug" free 2013/2014 Fusion SEL 4 cylinder, and only get 6 to 6.5K.

Happy holidays and happy motoring people!!