6th Oct 2011, 01:13

I was pleased to note that J.D. Powers now ranks the Fusion as the world's most reliable mid-sized car. Of course those of us who own them knew that all along. My 2006 is as solid and dependable as the day it was built. Not one single problem. As for the engine choices, Ford needs to drop the gas-hungry V-6. The I-4 provides more than ample power for any driving need. My 4 is very fast and gets up to 38 mpg on the highway. Another family member has the V-6, and it averages only 19 mpg, and doesn't feel much more powerful at all.

17th Mar 2016, 01:31

How is the power steering? Thinking to buy the 2011 Fusion V6 3.0, and would appreciate any update from those who have had it for a while.

7th Apr 2016, 18:12

From my last comment on 17th Mar 2016, 01:31.

I bought the car, a 2011 Fusion V6 3.0 with 6F35 transmission. So far no issues. No steering issues so far, but the transmission was slow when it first shifts.

Mechanic changed the ATF fluid to Valvoline Maxlife ATF which is Mercon LV compatible, but saw no improvement. I checked after 2 days of driving, and the mechanic had overfilled it by 2.5 liters. I could smell ATF fluid from the air vent and exhaust after a 10 minute drive.

I extracted the extra fluid to specification, and the slow shifting has gone; the transmission now shifts very smoothly as new.

Lesson: ensure the ATF fluid is not overfilled, otherwise it causes issues.

12th Jul 2017, 20:37

Same guy as the last comment:

Had the car for over 1 year, put 31,000 km on it. The 2011 Fusion V6 has been reliable, no issues so far. The MPG is not that great, but it is not bad either. I changed the rear brake bulbs, used synthetic oil for 15,500km, oil still looks good, no burning after such a long interval.

I will be doing the spark plugs soon as I now have 161,000km (100,000 miles).