7th Oct 2011, 17:19

As the owner of a 2006 Fusion SE I-4, I can highly recommend these cars. It is no wonder J.D. Powers just ranked Fusion the most reliable mid-sized car in the world.

Mine is driven hard to the point of outright abuse at times. It is a third car and used basically for hauling stuff (such as our dog) that we don't want in our other cars. I drive it fast, red-line it taking off at times, and corner it like it was my Mustang with handling suspension. It has never had a single repair in 6 years of hard service. I take speed bumps at speed, have driven into curbs hard enough to blow out a tire, and still not a rattle or suspension problem.

I can drive the speed limit on the interstate with the air off and get 38 mpg easily. My overall average in city and highway driving is 27 mpg.

I recently took a trip in my co-worker's Accord and was shocked at the harsh, noisy ride, rattles and tinny sound when closing the doors or trunk. He has ridden in my Fusion, and readily agrees that it is a much better built car. He just bought a Ford for his wife because he is so impressed with my 6-year-old abused Fusion. J.D. Powers made a wise choice in awarding it the "Most Reliable" trophy.

8th Oct 2011, 14:46

Original Poster here.

I look at this site avidly, so I see new comments on my feeds fairly quickly.

As I said, I wrote the review a month after I had rented the car.

The cup holders IN THE ARM REST don't make sense to me; they should fold out of the console like in my Taurus. If you have two cups in the arm rest, you can't use the thing!

The Fusion has the 4-cylinder, and it was powerful.

You may have figured out the music in ten minutes. Good for you! It took me a while.

Before you go saying my knowledge is "wrong", you should consider my standpoint. I RENTED, I did not OWN the car.