1967 Ford Galaxie 500 390 V8 from North America


It's like a boat, only more fun


It needed a new convertible top after sitting in storage for 25 years.

The voltage regulator went bad soon after I purchased the car.

One exhaust pipe rusted through.

The original valve cover gaskets rotted.

General Comments:

It handles very solidly at any speed and rides smoothly over bumps and rough roads.

The heater is amazing. It is so strong the car can be comfortable driven the top down even in the winter.

Except for height, this car is as big as most SUV's.

Acceleration is as quick as the nearly two ton curb weight allows for.

Surprising as it may seem, the car takes turns pretty well.

The factory drum brakes are not up to the task of controlling this car.

The engine is simple and easy to service and make repairs on.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2005

22nd Mar 2005, 12:02

This car is (a 1967 model) was manufactured on 23 June 1966 in Mahwah, NJ.

2nd Oct 2006, 10:30

I just got my '66 galaxie convertible and agree with everything said thus far, especially the braking system. After driving newer cars with power disc brakes, this car could put you in danger if you're not careful. With that said, it is an awesome car, easy to work on, and looks great!

23rd Aug 2009, 13:38

I had a '67 500 two door hardtop that I bought from my dad with 110,000 miles on it. It was a 240 6 cylinder with a three speed auto. It was a great car. The two door body and frame remained tight. The four door hardtop and the two door convertible both seemed to turn into "boats". The 390 that usually came was a dog. I don't know if a higher HP engine was available. My dad had the four door hardtop with a 390 also. I drove it a little. I thought it was a boat.

The two door hardtop was a different story. With the suspension set at the correct height (the Fords would sag, especially after a winter of heavy snow on their hoods), the car responded well on the road. It felt like a much smaller auto. Due to the advertising of the Plymouth GTX and the Hemi engine at the time, the sleeper Ford two door hardtop slept as a secret for those who owned one to enjoy.