1969 Ford Galaxie 500 302 2v from North America


Solid, powerful, reliable, comfortable tank


The alternator went out at 80,000.

Car had to be repainted at 75,000.

Upholstery had to be replaced at 75,000.

No other problems, ever.

General Comments:

This Ford Galaxie 500 is perhaps the most reliable car ever built (that I can attest to).

It always starts and runs perfectly, even though it is now 35 years old.

It sat outside for 20 years and thus needed new paint and seat covers, but all other interior material is still intact and looks new.

Even though it has about 220 horse power and about 295 foot pounds of torque (with that little 302), it still gets 20 mpg with nice driving. My 1974 Lincoln had a 460 with 195 hp and 250 torque, but got about 10-12 mpg.

I love this car. We have new cars that we drive daily, but they are not nearly as reliable as the old Galaxie. Oh, well. Those were the days.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

19th Nov 2008, 10:50

This really is a great car. I'm 16 and my dad bought me one. It is comfortable, reliable, and amazing we still have the original 302, but with major change for more power. I added a new EFI system and I took the two inside headlights out for a forced air intake, and just ran straight headers. Pretty soon I'm getting a direct port fogger system. It looks really good with 70" raised white walls in the back, with 60"s on the front on chrome reverses with out caps.

"THIS CAR IS NICE", even better as a hot hod and it still has almost the original interior, except I took the bench out and put in buckets from a 67 Mustang.