2001 Ford Galaxy Zetec 2.3 from UK and Ireland




The car had 12 faults on the EC and the sensors, drivers door lock solenoid went faulty. Interior poor quality (plastic speaker covers break easy).

Worst problem is the locking wheel nuts. Trying to remove them is a nightmare!

When I had to change a flat tyre, the locking wheel nut key shape part just kept breaking off from the rest of the nut.

It was hopeless - left stranded because of a rubbish engineering design.

I would have sacked the designers!

General Comments:

The car is rubbish.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2007

13th Jan 2011, 10:40

"Fraud" Galaxy a complete nightmare. 18,000 euro down the drain. Never again will I go near a Ford, sorry a Fraud.

2001 Ford Galaxy LX 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


A very practical people carrier, marred only by faulty electrics


Air conditioning failed after 14,000 miles.

Front window motors failed after 26,000 miles.

Stereo failed after 43,000 miles.

Front indicators were faulty until they were replaced after 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

Mechanical reliability and build quality were both very good, but the car's electrics were very troublesome.

Otherwise, the Galaxy was a good car thanks to its excellent ride and handling. It was also very comfortable and practical.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

9th Oct 2005, 13:13

Apparently, faults with the electrics are quite common on newer fords, we had a 2001 Galaxy Zetec and the electric windows would always roll themselves down in the rain absolutely drenching the interior.

2001 Ford Galaxy Ghia 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good car spoiled by minor faults.


On Purchase the Air-conditioning didn't work. Eventually it was almost fully rebuilt at a cost to the vendor of over £1000. I now discover this a very common fault on Galaxy's.

The cruise control does not work properly, but we so rarely drive on uncrowded motorways that I really don't see a use for it.

Dark blue metallic paintwork seems incredibly easy to scratch.

Some items of interior trim are of very low quality (e.g the door pulls).

Parking sensors are intermittent.

Dip beam poor despite adjustment.

Front tyres seem to be wearing very fast.

General Comments:

Initial impression is of a well designed and reasonably good looking car (well for a van it is...)

The seating is flexible a comfortable for short journeys. However the removal and particularly re-fitting of the rear seats is very difficult due to weight of the seat units. The seats are cushions are too hard and flat and cause "numb bum" on long journeys. Although the upright driving position and firm backrest is good for my bad back.

The climate control panel is placed so low as to be unreadable, however now the A/C is fixed it rarely needs to be altered.

Bootspace is huge when used as a five seater, but could do with more tying down points.

Engine is smooth and responsive for a big four cylinder unit. Gear change has a slightly loose, clunky action, but always finds the right gear.

Handling is safe and surefooted, but loads of bodyroll discourages spirited cornering. A reasonably quiet car overall, the main source of noise seems to the (Dunlop) tyres.

Brakes are powerful, but rather overservoed. Oddly engine braking is poor.

Fuel economy averages just over 30mpg with a very creditable 35mpg on long runs, but this reflects the cars rural habitat.

Nice to have a chain driven camshaft that isn't going to cost £200 to replace every 40K or so.

In summary this a good product that could be better.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

11th Apr 2005, 07:31

Would agree with statement. Front tyres on mine have to be changed again after 1.5 years and my air con also had to be repaired as the pipe had corroded after the car was only 2 years old. My main problem is that my back windows keep slipping down slightly of their own accord and despite being checked twice by the dealer they can find no fault. This is really annoying when going through the car wash or when it sets the car alarm off.