14th Aug 2002, 04:10

I have sentiments about the Ford Galaxy that are reflected pretty much in both the comments written here, and I own a late 2001 Zetec, petrol manual model. The seats can be a bit awkward, but manageable. On the whole, I am content with this vehicle, about which I knew little before I purchased it.

The finish is a bit shabby, and I have problems with an annoying rattling noise, set up by vibration and airflow over the bonnet. This is the result of the cheap and nasty ill-fitting plastic trim at the base of the windscreen.

My main beef though is about the airbag and its electronic management and indication system. Ever since about 3 weeks after buying the car new, the warning light comes on periodically and then remains on permanently, for no apparent reason that my local garage can ascertain. It has been re-set 4 or 5 times now, and I have been told that the "airbag controller" (?) has been replaced. Could it have anything to do with the fact that after I turn the engine off, something is still running (a humming sound from under the bonnet) for up to 13 minutes?

1st Oct 2002, 15:51

The airbag system is basically just a reed switch with a magnet on a spring.

I find it hard to beleive that this system could be reset.

Probably just a duff airbag sensor. I worked at the facory that built it, I should know.

28th Dec 2002, 05:19

Has your galaxy leaked water, it seems a common problem regarding other reviews that I have read?

Faults on any car is not good, but to have water seeping into every thing electrical is major bad news!

I am seriously considering a Galaxy for many reasons, but unfortunately the reviews that I have looked at do not bode well.

Obviously any car review can read good or bad one, and ultimately peoples' own experiences.

But the water issue seems only to have affected the post 2000 model.

18th Jan 2003, 04:39

I have read with great Interest the comments concerning the Galaxy, and the bad experiences this person has had.

It is quite obvious that this person has never owned a Ford Galaxy at all, why do a review is beyond me. The Galaxy is car like in it's driving mannerism and handles a lot better than my Mercedes, It Is also more comfortable. Yes, the Ford Dealers are probably some of the worst dealers in the UK, but the MPV is a 10 out of 10 Multi Purpose vehicle.

The only negative I would add is, if you use all the 7 seats luggage space is very limited.

21st Jan 2003, 13:02

I have owned a 96 2.3 ghia "X" & find generally a good family mode of transport. only gripe- clogging of a/con system - not covered by dealer warranty & very expensive to repair.

19th Apr 2003, 10:46

Well, I bought a '96 2.8 Ghia X in early 1999. It was not a very well cared for example, and had 52Kmiles on it.

Apart from a build problem with the A/C evaporator which cost me about £1000 more than it should have (due to incompetent AC monkeys), and a loose bolt on the engine steady bar, it has been one of the most reliable and pleasurable motors I have ever had.

For a family man with growing kids it's the perfect mass transport, and if it handles like a Transit, that's high compliment to Transits. We drove a lot of the competition before we bought it and the Gal wins hands down. And what other MPV even offers a V6?

Big-engine lack of economy is a myth, unless you thrash around *all* the time. I get 25ish to the gallon on a trip (85mph on the m'ways) and 19-20 around town, which is fine by me. I hired a 2.3 for a (work) trip to Germany once and got almost exactly the same MPG figures, 'cos it is lower geared.

But I'm getting rid of it now.

No, I've not fallen out - I've bought a 51 reg V6 Ghia with a paltry 6K on the clock which I now know will do me another 80,000 miles without a problem.

Oh and the new one's got the reversing sensors!


11th Jun 2003, 11:46

My Wife has a 1997 Galaxy TDi Aspen.

It has good economy (36 mpg) but I find it noisy inside compared to my old 1989 Audi 100.

I'm changing my car now and I want a Galaxy too! We love it. But I'm thinking of a V6 which I hope will be quieter and quicker, or maybe a 1.8T (Sharan). And definitely a Ghia X (or VW carat) because the Aspen doesn't have Air Con and it's a nightmare on warm days.

Does anyone have views on the performance of an automatic?

My budget means I'm looking at around 1998/9 model.

24th Jul 2003, 04:30

I purchased a 1999 "T" 1.9TDI ghia x August 2002. excellent fuel economy, averages 46mpg, exceeds 50mpg regularly at 70mph if you keep the revs to about 2500.

Over the year of my ownership, the air con evaporator was replaced (fortunately under warranty)

Gear box replaced (out of warranty) A bolt on the gear selector sheared off and dropped into the gearbox, after mashing everything inside continued through the casing.

I have experienced a problem when braking at 60-70 MPH which is a juddering/vibration. After inspecting the front disks and finding them OK, I will live with it as it is quite a common occurrance in galaxies.

Tyres are horrendously expensive as are exhaust systems.

One annoying feature is a rattle from the tail gate area, despite greasing hinges regularly, it reappears weeks later again.

Yes, I would buy another, The galaxy is such a roomy, versatile, economical, comfortable vehicle.