21st May 2002, 14:06

We have a similar problem with the "sister" Seat Alhambra - water collects behind dashboard when it rains, and eventually it comes into the passenger footwell behind the glove box. We have to park the car on a slope so I don't know if the problem would still occur on the level.

22nd Jun 2002, 15:46

I've had my Galaxy for over 4 years, and wouldn't go back to a "normal" car. But I've also had a recent water leak problem. If the drains from the windscreen get blocked, the build-up of water can get in to the passenger side through the air intake. In my case, this got under the passenger seat to the well where the control box for the electric windows sits. This must be a common problem, as the guy at the garage knew just where to look. It cost around £180 to replace the unit. He also removed the rubber flaps in the drain channels, as they had stuck nearly shut.

7th Sep 2002, 11:41

Galaxy, sunroof leak. Water seems after very hard rain (but not car-wash or jet wash?) to collect behind clock and then dump onto driver when pulling away. Has anyone any solutions? I presume the water is overload from the sunroof drains. Vehicle is parked on level ground has anyone a solution?

1st Jan 2003, 06:19

I am having the problem of water coming into the passenger foot well, can anyone advise how to find the drain holes.

As I am unable to remove the dash.


6th Aug 2003, 12:44

I have an R plate 1.9TDi and just of late has lost all power when trying to overtake or even just to pull away at traffice lights. It even slows down on the most graceful of hills. My local (non Ford) garage had a look, as they though that it may be the Diesel Pump, but they returned the vehicle suggesting that I take it to the Ford Dealer.

26th Aug 2004, 04:28

I have a N Reg Ford Galaxay and have just recently had water leak through to underneath the front passenger seat which caused the central locking system to fail. Please can anyone tell me exactly where to clear the drainage holes to stop this happening again. Many Thanks John Ellis. Email: j.ellis1@ntlworld.com.

19th Mar 2006, 06:10

Water under passenger side seat; solution that worked for me.

Open bonnet - you will see a void where the windscreen mechanics reside. Look in the far top right and left and you will see a triangluar shaped hole. Get a torch and look right at the back and you will see a hole going down.

Get a flexible rod - fuel hose or trimmer wire and poke it down each side. When you have done this get a hose and wash the void through. Do this once a year.

31st May 2007, 10:29

I too have a ford galaxy that has a pool of water in the driver side foot well. I have had the windscreen replaced (as diagnosed by ford garage) and it still leaks. I have recently noticed that the ceiling is damp on that side and so have assumed it comes from the sunroof. The car is booked into local ford garage for another diagnosis in two weeks, so if I find out the problem, will let you know.

15th Jun 2007, 03:54

I've just had this problem again this morning on my '97 Seat Alhambra (no sunroof), flooded in the driver's foot well. Has happened half a dozen times since having the car - very annoying. Have not checked the drain holes yet so hopefully that is the problem - seems like a pretty poor design fault though.

18th Jun 2007, 07:11

Following diagnosis of my water leak, and referred to yet another garage, I am now hoping the problem is fixed. It seems that the drainage pipe from the sunroof was not connected properly in the ceiling of the car. I am picking it up later, and as it is raining, hope to see if this is now fixed.

25th Feb 2008, 17:07

My Questions is: This problems with water on the passenger side has happened ONLY in Cars with sunroof or even in cars without sunroof?

I´m going to buy a Ford Galaxy 2.0 GLX from 1996 (without sunroof) and I´m concerned with this.

14th Apr 2008, 15:49

The leaking of water into the footwells below the dashboard is caused by the blocking of the drains at either side of the bulkhead inside the engine compartment (extreme corners). Clean out offending leaves, insects and general muck with vacuum cleaner and/or screwdriver.

Cleaning theses drains out is also vital because of a secondary problem - namely that the bolt wells on top of the McPherson suspension struts get filled up with water and rust making them nigh on impossible to remove. Fill up these with grease just in case.

22nd Apr 2008, 07:40

I have a galaxy 2.8 which I love but I have had a problem that has developed over the last month. The driver side footwell has been soaked by hot water coming from under the dash board and there is steam coming from the bottom of the windscreen. Any Ideas?

29th May 2008, 11:29


The steam and hot water sound like a heater matrix problem.

Try checking the hoses first then take out a second mortgage on the way to the dealers.

8th Nov 2008, 09:12

My Ford Galaxy is a crap car. I wish I'd never bought it!

Just the other day I noticed there was a pool of water in the driver's foot well. After near stripping the whole dashboard out, I found the the bonding of the windscreen was poor and allowing water to run down the A pillar, across the dash board and into the foot wells, soaking all the electrics on route via the fuse box!

New windscreen had to be fitted to cure this fault. My car has no sunroof, so no bother about roof drains.

Then to my horror the battery light on the dash board started flickering intermittently when the car was driven. Now being a vehicle mechanic for my sins, I knew this could only be caused by a loose electrical connection; either the wiring to, from or the alternator itself. To add insult to the situation the engine lost power ie air mass type fault.

The new air mass unit was priced at £90. New alternator £100. And now the near side front wheel is scrubbing on the outer shoulder!! Again to my horror I learn that this is not uncommon as Galaxy steering racks are sold two to the dozen like they're going out of fashion!

My only advice to any one out there is to never buy another Ford vehicle again!

Gone are the days of the reliable Granadas and Escorts. Maybe the Ford corp should turn to the germans ie BMW for lessons on how to mass produce quality cars, and not the rubbish they put out that barely lasts its warranty period.

I'm sure there are other young families out there that cannot afford a new car, and in this age of recycling, car manufacturers should build car that are better engineered too, so that they give a longer service life to the used car buyer and do not fall apart.

13th Dec 2008, 09:48

I have a 1999 Alhambra, had it for 7 years, never let me down. Its 1900 turbo diesel engine runs on bio diesel (80p a gallon cheaper) and runs a treat even in winter, no leaks or squeaks, very cheap to run. Will have another when this ones had it, maybe in another 10 years fingers crossed.