1st Mar 2008, 14:57

Right now I am rebuilding a 1972 Gran Torino Sport. It was my father's before he died, and it's been sitting for over 18 years, so I've been trying to restore this amazing car to pristine condition.

7th Jul 2008, 16:38

No Ford won't bring back the Torino. That would sort of be like bringing back the Hudson Hornet. Too big, too inefficient, and just too DATED.

The Torino was an absolutely awesome car. We owned a 1974 and it was sandwiched between two cars in a 3-car pile up. The other two cars were just about totaled (one WAS), but all the damage on the Torino was a little bit of dirt knocked off the shock units that allowed those massive bumpers to move in upon impact. Not even a cracked light lens.

31st Aug 2008, 20:47

I have a 1972 Gran Torino - a man's low-boy trailer came unhitched and ran into the left front of my car - pushed the frame back 2 inches - I am in desperate need of another frame - PLEASE let me know if there is one just sitting around somewhere - Thanks, Corey Hourigan 832-279-0978 hoghunter10@peoplepc.com

12th Sep 2008, 14:20

I have owned a 1972 Gran Torino Sport for 9 years. It has a 351C 2 barrel. I painted it 2001 Chrysler Intense Blue Pearl.

Everything chassis wise is new; bushings etc.

Now it has main seal tranny leak, which really bums me out. Any way to fix this with additives, or am I stuck with a big tranny job?

27th Feb 2009, 14:20

I owned a red, with black vinyl roof, and white interior Gran Torino Sport. It had the fastback style roof. My father bought it new, which I then bought it from him, as my first car 10 years later. It had a 351c (cobra jet)4v and a 4 speed. It had factory dual exhaust as well. It was very fast, and sharp.

I later totaled it out, but kept the drivetrain. I've been trying to locate another one (with/without drivetrain) for a while now.

3rd Nov 2010, 21:26

I owned a '72 Gran Torino in college!

It was a beast and I learned to parallel park it with no problem. This vehicle was awesome. Bought for $500 in 1980. Drove the heck out of it & traded for a Jeep Wagonner as I was a geologist in need of a 4x4 to get in & out of oil rig sites.

Navy blue with a white vinyl top; had an awesome stereo (I added just after college); and the incredible 351 Cleveland... The college girls loved it! A lot of room on those bench seats.

Found a photo from a Polaroid camera of me standing next to it the other day. Wish I still had the Gran T... would trade my Navy blue H3 for it.

12th Oct 2013, 23:12

Feb 1972 I got an RO to PDI a snow covered notchback Torino. After brushing off enough snow to get in, as I was unlocking the door I noticed a base blue vinyl bench, column shift, AM radio, ho-hum blah test drive coming. Until I started the beast... the clattering rumble made me shutdown. What milk-toast 302 made that racket? I raised the snow piled hood to drop my jaw & gasped as I gazed at the spun aluminum air cleaner lid's sticker - 351 SCJ - aluminum finned valve covers, red Premium Fuel sticker. Re-started it to listen to the solid lifters as it warmed up. Giving me time to walk around the vehicle to note 8" steel wheels (plain-Jane hub dishes in the trunk), 3" shoe rear drums, sweet rumble/snap/burble dual exhaust, stripper sleeper sticker priced under $3200. On the hoist I noted nodular 9", H-D C-6 with cooler, oversized exhaust pipes.

The PDI testdrive loop extended to dry clean pavement, no traffic coming, nailed the throttle at 25 mph to experience, like never before, forward/sideward acceleration. VERY awesome. The car got mis-ordered obviously, was on the lot still, as the 1973's were down the road. Could have bought it for $2200, but my dad said no. I often wonder, is the beast still around?