1979 Ford Granada Ghia 302 ci 2BBL from North America


A stylish, peppy, economical piece of basic transportation


The car required a complete exhaust system, complete brake system rebuild including all hydraulic components, power steering pressure hose, radiator, water pump, belts, hoses, major tune up and alternator replacement.

Oil leaks developed soon after the car was obtained because the seals and gaskets had dried out due to the lack of use of it's previous owner.

General Comments:

This was a classically styled vehicle that had the same lines and style features of Ford's larger luxury cars from the mid 70's.

The car was purchased from an elderly owner just as it was about to be sent to the scrap yard as nobody else was interested in purchasing it. The car was 16 years old and only had 45,000 original Kilometers on the odometer. The car had not been well maintained over the previous years of its life due to the little use it saw yearly. Once the problems above were corrected the car was an excellent performer and very reliable. No further mechanical faults developed. Ride, handling, comfort were adequate for a car of this size and cost. Not a luxury car by any stretch, but not a stripper either. The 302 V-8 had more than enough torque to give the car great acceleration. Gas mileage was a bit low, but for a $51.00 car, who cares?

I cannot blame the manufacturer of this car for any of its faults. The repairs that were initially done were not a result of the quality of the car, but its age and neglect.

The only real fault with this car was the inside of the windows would fog up on the inside if there were one or more passengers in the car. Air conditioning would have helped.

Absolutely no rust on the chassis or the body. This was a North American Ford Granada, not the British model!!

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Review Date: 13th February, 2004

14th Mar 2004, 21:06

FYI, horsepower is what gives you quick acceleration. Torque is what actually moves the car. So a Honda Civic would have trouble towing a big trailer because it has little torque. The Ford Granada would tow a trailer easily because it has a V8 with lotsa torque. Horsepower is how fast the engine can make that torque, so it means how fast the car goes from 0-60:-)