2003 Ford KA Luxury 1.3i from UK and Ireland


Front bushes broke and had to be fixed.

Seats are really uncomfy.

Dash made really annoying noise when on bumpy ground not good for a nearly new car.

Engine bay is really cramped took forever to change bulbs due to no room.

General Comments:

This car is really nippy and has good handling.

Really safe car when rolled.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2005

17th Nov 2006, 20:33

New cars are all the same so I prefer older cars.

2003 Ford KA 1 1.3i from UK and Ireland


Highly recommended, fun and reliable


Suspension bushes required replacement at second service (25000 miles). This appears to be a common problem with the Ka, as I know 3 other people who had one with the same problem at the second service.

The car also had an insatiable appetite for headlamp bulbs, went through 3 in 18 months.

Panther black met paint chipped easily.

Apart from that, my Ka took hell of a beating driving in all conditions and never once missed a beat.

General Comments:

This was a reliable car which never let me down, even at 4am in a winter storm.

Excellent handling although does understeer when getting pushed on.

Performance is really good for a small 1.3 engine, although my car had the newer 70PS engine, I also used to own the smaller powered Ka and it was fast although much more raucous.

The interior build quality was a bit of a let down, the catch broke on the glove compartment and wee bits of trim have also fallen off.

Servicing costs are very reasonable and it pays to try a few different Ford garages as they do vary in quality of workmanship and customer service. Parts are also cheap, like tyres or brakes.

The seat cushions are also a little too short for anyone with long legs and they lack support on long journeys.

On the plus side though, the Ka is economical, easy and enjoyable to drive, and equally at home on the motorway or in the town. It will happily cruise all day at motorway speeds and not miss a beat. Get one, I'll be sad to see mine go.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2004

2003 Ford KA Sport 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


This car has not lived up to our expectations


Loose shock absorbers from new.

Windscreen wiper fuse blows frequently.

Very poor fuel consumption.

Steering column rattles when cornering hard.

General Comments:

Our new Sport Ka was bought to replace a Ford Ka Luxury which proved to be a very reliable and comfortable car. We liked our old Ka so much that we had no hesitation in deciding to buy another Ka. With hindsight this now seems to have been the wrong decision to make.

Our problems started the moment the new car was driven out of the showroom when we noticed a loud knocking noise from the rear of the car. The car was taken back to the dealers the same day and it was found that the rear shock absorbers were faulty. The car was repaired and returned to us a week later still with less than fifty miles on the clock. A day later the windscreen wipers stopped working on the motorway during heavy rain. The problem turned out to be a blown fuse which was replaced by the dealer, but this still blows every so often although no problem with the wiring can be found.

In fairness to the dealer, a new six disc CD changer was fitted as a free upgrade due to the problems we had experienced.

After having these problems sorted out the little Sport Ka has proved to be very reliable and can be fun to drive, but it's not a car that we have fallen in love with. The main reason for this is the harsh engine which is very loud and has to be worked hard to get any sort of decent performance out of it, add to this petrol consumption of around 25 MPG and you can begin to see why we have found this a hard car to live with.

It's not just the harsh engine that spoils the car, but some other minor things too, like the steering column being fixed and not adjustable, or the warning lights on the dashboard being completely obscured by the steering wheel. The black interior seems to show up the slightest dust and is uninviting to sit in. We also found it odd that Ford only offer the SE version with blue inserts to the seats despite offering the car in various colours! This obviously clashes with most of the colours offered except Imperial blue or silver. The Imperial blue paintwork seems to show up dirt and any tiny scratches and needs constant washing and polishing to look it's best.

It's not all bad news though, as the Sport Ka is heaps of fun to drive on twisty roads, the handling is spot on and the steering is pin sharp. The gearbox is a pleasure to use with short shifts and close gearing.

On the motorway it's a different story altogether, the engine becomes very loud and you can almost watch the fuel gauge go down with every mile, once you get up to speed you find yourself looking for another gear.

On the whole this is not the car we expected it to be, and we are looking forward to the day it is sold. It's not a particularly bad car, but it has failed to live up to our expectations. We have realized that for over £11000 there is much better value for money than this.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2004

26th Oct 2004, 01:01

Key in your comment is: "not the car we expected it to be" - Well one cannot expect comfort in a car that is labeled SportKa - one must expect sport. And as a sporty car the car is absolutely great. I have one, and I love it. Never any problems with it. Fuel usage is OK. Handling are just fabulous. Engine has great power all way down to 1500 RPM. I had choico of red, blue and black interior, and red, blue, silver, black paint. full safety fitting too. Great car.

AHN, Denmark.